2014 IT Certifications Resources: The Top 17

When preparing for IT certifications, you need to use up to date resources. This is because the IT certifications are always getting updated. The certification exams are also always being changed to gauge whether the people taking them are conversant with the latest trends. This is in keeping with the dynamism of the IT sector. Thus, for instance, if you are preparing for IT certifications in the year 2014, then you need to have access to the latest (2014) certifications resources.

We have put together a list of the top 17 places where you can find the 2014 IT certifications resources. Those include:


The Apple website has a training and certifications section. The certifications resources found there are always up to date – in keeping with what you would expect from a company like Apple.


To get the latest certifications resources for the year 2014, in as far as IBM certifications are concerned, you are advised to visit the IBM website. The training manuals, syllabuses and other certification resources are available to all visitors to the website.


You can’t go wrong with the resources available on the CloudEra website, if you are looking to pass the 2014 CloudEra certifications. The resources here are arranged in an easy to access manner, and they are highly comprehensive.


Riverbed certifications showcase skills in the areas of networking and networked applications optimization. If you want to take the 2014 Riverbed certifications, you will find all the training resources you need on the Riverbed website.


In the year 2014, Microsoft has continued with its tradition of updating its certifications, whilst also developing new ones. All the resources you need for all Microsoft certifications are accessible via the Microsoft website.


The resources found on the Test King website are diverse, to cater for almost all major certifications available in 2014. The certifications resources at Test King are designed to make the process of preparing for certifications fun, while also (greatly) increasing chances of success.


The IT security certifications give you practical skills that you can use in the workplace or in an IT business. Every resource that you need in order to go through the Symantec certification exams successfully is available on the Symantec website.


Tibco is one of the vendors whose certifications have become very popular in the year 2014. The Tibco website has a huge amount of resources prepared for the benefit of the people preparing for Tibco certifications.

Motorola Solutions

Motorola is an industry leader in the area of business communications solutions, and people possessing the certifications it offers are greatly valued. All the requisite resources in preparation for the 2014 Motorola certifications are to be found on the Motorola Solutions website.


The certifications resources that anyone can access at Brain Dumps are carefully developed, to make it possible for the people who use them to pass the various certifications exams without exerting themselves too much.


Knowing just how widely used Hewlett Packard’s computing products are, it would logically follow that anyone with HP certifications would be highly valued. As you ready yourself for such HP certifications, you will find the resources on the HP website invaluable.


The exams you need to pass in order to get the 2014 Hitachi certifications can be challenging, especially if you don’t have access to the right resources. Thankfully, there is no reason for you to claim that you can’t access the right resources, because such resources are easily available on the Hitachi website.


The certifications resources that you can access on the Pass4Sure website are unrivalled, in terms of accuracy, comprehensiveness and currency. The people who prepared these resources also seem to have gone a step further, in terms of making them easy to use.


For the 2014 SAP certifications, the main SAP website provides updated, high quality resources. All you need to do, to access these resources and ensure that you pass your SAP certification exams, is visit the website.


The Actual Tests website is designed to ensure that people get to prepare for certification exams using actual (simulated) tests. By the time you are done using the resources available on the Actual Tests website, there won’t be anything standing between you and success in the certification exam you will be preparing for.


Given the frequency with which Adobe products are always being updated, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Adobe certification exams are also very dynamic. To pass the tests, you need the most current resources, and the same are available on the Adobe website.

C++ Institute

Certifications in C and C++ are as popular in 2014 as ever. The resources that can help you pass C and C++ certification exams are to be found on the C++ Institute’s website.

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