5 skills that 5-a-side players must have

Everyone agrees to the fact that practicing any kind of sports is beneficial for your both mind and body. You stay healthy and you do something good for your body. Probably one of the most chosen sports in the world is football. However, besides the traditional football that has eleven players, there is this 5-aside football, that has only five players. In case you are interested in finding more about this type of football, websites such as www.5aside.org might come in quite handy. You can read in this article below the five most important skills a 5-a-side player should have.

Be fast!

One of the most important skills players of five-a-side football should have is speed. Since the game is played in fewer players than in traditional football, you have to be even faster than your opponents are. It is a matter-of-fact that speed is linked with the brain. You have to think fast and make decisions in a fraction of a second, because the entire team relies on your decision. Make sure you transform those messages into thoughts and you manage to respond physically to them in the shortest time possible. It requires a lot of hard work and practice until you manage to think and act as fast as this game requires.

Ball skills are important

People who decide to play football and to make a career out of this should have some ball skills too. This should come from an early age in order to be able to train it in time and perfectly master this type of game. However, whether you are technically gifted or you are average, you have to practice these skills and to improve them.

Have an eye for goal

The technique of scoring can be learnt in time. Even though you have some ball skills, you have to practice scoring. You have to take your time in order to work on your shooting technique. Experts in this domain advise beginners to aim for places such as the corners or for the side netting, because these are the hardest ones to defence by the goalkeeper.

Pass the ball

Since the number of players is lower in five-a-side football, the football field is smaller too. This means that you have to learn to pass the ball to your teammate fast, because you do not have much time. Have a good level of self-confidence, because this will help you make good, firm and confident passes. Again, intelligence and speed are the main keys of this must-have skill.

Have great vision

A regular person, who plays football with their friends in their spare time, might lose sight and concentration the moment they receive the ball. They tend to look down at the ball and ground and they do not stay focused on what is in front of them anymore. It is important to look in all directions at once and pay attention to every movement your opponents make when you are in the game. Make sure you stay focused during the game.

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