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The Australian Football League 2018 - 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Betting On Finals

If you live in Australia, regardless of whether you are a footy fan or not, you would know that the current season is approaching its end. With the arrival of September 2018, the anticipation for the finals and which team would win goes up. In fact, this season of professional football is one of the most famous sporting events that all of Australia watches.

But this football season is hyped not only among the sports fanatics. Punters and betters make up the other group anticipating the season because of the opportunity to bet. From the first match in Round 1 to the finals in September, they weigh odds and look for chances they put money on and end up making a profit at the end.

With that said, many novice and amateur punters across Australia make impulsive bets and other careless mistakes during the season. These mistakes lower their own chances of winning. In order to ensure a win or make better odds, it is important that you take certain considerations and avoid preventable errors that can potentially damage your chances of winning.

To become one of the few who wins a bet this footy final in September, you need to avoid the following three mistakes:

Betting with the Heart Instead of Head

This is one of the most common mistakes many new punters make during the footy finals on betting platforms like Blue Bet. All punters at some point in their gambling experience have been guilty of making the mistake of getting swayed by their love for their favourite team.

Betting on your favourite team these footy finals will not help you secure a win. It might be easy to be blinded by favouritism but the smart move here is to be objective and impartial. Instead of falling into the trap of favouritism, try to study other teams so you can focus on better odds and earn a profit on your investment.

Looking at Seasonal Performance Instead of Recent Performance

While the overall performance might be a good indicator of future performance, it only helps to a certain extent. Instead of looking at the wider range of a team’s performance, look for short-term streaks and current performance to make your bet.

There are high chances that a team who performed the first few rounds of the AFL might experience a dip in their performance during the finals or vice versa. This is why professional punters recommend that you consider a team’s performance in the past 4-5 matches and base your odds and bets on that.

Mismanaging your Bankroll

Since the finals are approaching and around 20 rounds of the AFL have already passed, chances are that you might have placed a few bets during the season already. This means that you have to manage a bankroll that might have suffered wins, losses or a streak of either. But in any case, if you don’t keep an eye on the bankroll, you might lose it very easily.

If the finals are going to be the first time you bet this footy season, start with a bankroll that comes from your extra funds and stay limited to a certain amount. If you lose, accept your loss and avoid trying to make up for them.

Similarly, instead of being reckless when you win a bet and blowing money on uncalculated bets, strategize your next move and stick to it.

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