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Select Live odds at the top of the Sports page and click on the event you want from the list that appears. Once you've found your market, click on the selection you want to bet on which sends it to the voucher. Enter the amount you want to risk in the bet pane of your voucher and click Play. Alternatively, you can select the event from the Liveodds section in the middle of the regular Sports page. Enter the game term in the search box located in the top of the help page, enter the term you are looking for and click search. Matching words and terms will appear in search results.

To play a single, do your choice of sports on the left side of the Sports Page and then select your market. To add the game to the game coupon, just click on the odds. Once on the bet you can specify the bet you want to risk in the relevant box. You can have additional options such as taking an odds, SP or playing winners / venues. It's easy to create multiplayer games with our feature Create your voucher. Make your selections from the games games located on the left side of the Sports Page.

From within each sports or specialty market, select the events you want to see, then click Create Coupon, which appears in the top of the range you make your choices. The system then creates a new page with the events you selected, allowing you to make all the choices for your multiple-choice games at the same time. Make your selections by clicking on the odds you want to take, then your selection will automatically be added to the betting coupon; This is always on the right side of the web page. On the betting coupon, select Multiple Choice Options, located under your selections, to see the various multiple choice options available. Keep in mind that the different multiple choice options shown depend on the number of choices you have included.

Should the multiple choice option you want to not be displayed, select My Account from the Services menu in the upper right of the page. Then select Settings from the menu under Your account and make sure Game options are set to Show all, you must log out and re-enable changes to be activated. Go to the game coupon and multiple choice options again; If the game type is not displayed, please contact us so that we can help.

Our Live Betting allows you to bet during an ongoing match or event. Unless otherwise agreed between and Player, will only accept betts after launching an event covered by the Live Betting service. All other events not covered by Live Betting service and betts placed after the initiation of an event shall be considered invalid. You as a Player proclaim that you do not know and are not aware of the outcome of the event when placing that bet.

Live Betting schedule may change at any time due to changes in transmission of plans by sender. You are now aware that media forms of communication for live events (such as websites, radio and television) may also include delay in repositioning real-time actions. Results are continuously updated through games, meaning the player will know how the player's bets look over time. Accept or accept any liability if it is not possible to place a bet and / or if the live result update is incorrect. At all times, it is the responsibility of the client to be aware and confirm the result. All betts are set according to the general betting rules. In contrast to non-live betts, Live-Betts can not be interrupted by Players after they have been set.

Should a bet be placed at an incorrect price due to delayed live broadcasts of an event and a team has acquired a significant overtaking, bets will be void. Live bet results of a match or event shall be refunded if the match or event is not completed. In case of special bet (eg next goal, next card), if the referenced events are not yet verified at the time of suspension of the game and can not be verified in any way, the bets placed on such events will be refunded.

Special betting rules can be applied to specific types of sports and betting markets. Customers need to read through these notes regarding special betting rules before they play because they take precedence over the General Betting Rules. In addition to the general and special betting rules, certain markets have specific rules that can be found short-term or market. Sports betts can be made as individual, combination, (accumulated betts) or system betts. Individual betts may not be allowed for certain types of sports or events. Details of this can be obtained from the current grade list (eg at least 3 games). The result after normal playing time is applied to all sports.

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