Archery, the noblest of games

Archery has been around for a very long time. Still, there are many people quite skeptical about this particular sport. Some even believe that it is only a passion, not at all a sport. This happens because many are unaware of the many rules and competition forms there are, one of them being the Olympics, since 1972. The archery world is divided in to three great types, each of them having their own set of rules.


Target Archery

This is probably one of the best known archery type there is. As the name reveals, the target is the main attraction. The game field is made up of lanes, that are marked according to their shooting point. The interesting thing is that in this sport, men and women have different lanes, which are completely separated. The purpose of the game is to aim at the target, in order to collect points. It is not enough for the arrow to reach the target. The point it hits determines the archer’s score. And this is how it is done: the target is round and colorful. There are two types of targets, a bigger one of 122 cm and a smaller one of 80 cm. Each of them has 10 circles of different colors. Obviously, the closer the arrow is to the center of the target, the higher the score. Also, the level of difficulty is higher in the case of a smaller target. The archer has to focus harder and aim better. Penalties can be given in the game of archery, usually for stepping over the lines and using one more arrow to aim for the target. Competitions are organized in the target archery and the players have to aim from different distances, like 90, 70, 50 and 30 meters.


Field Archery

Here the sport is conducted outdoors. The archery area is specially designed and the actual game is set in two rounds. The interesting fact is that Field Archery is very different from Target Archery. First of all the players have to go round the field and start shooting. They will not be aware of the shooting distance, until they arrive close to the target. This is called the Hunters round, the first part of the game. The archer has to shoot 14 arrows. They run until they reach a certain post, which will mark a distance. In the Field round, things are a bit more complicated. The shoots are divided in two, 10 with a shooting spot and the rest having each 4 shooting spots. The first 10 arrows are easy, because the player has to aim from there. When he arrives at the ones that have 4 spots, he has to shoot from each one. The first round does not allow the archer to have any objects that could make him aware of his score throughout the game, like binoculars. There are 3 to 6 players competing in this game.


Crossbow Archery

This last type is very similar in terms of rules with Target Archery, also taking place outside. The equipment is different in this case. A crossbow is not like an ordinary bow. The speed is what sets the two apart. Not to mention that a crossbow is much more easily handled. A beginner archer can get accustomed with it in an hour’s time. Also, special arrows are needed.


Archery is the noblest of games. The British royal court has made sure of it. It is an elegant thrilling sport. Even though it seems to be easy, archery needs skills that are more and more difficult to find, like a secure hand, a good eye and lots of patience. It can certainly be a good relaxation idea, making you focus on the target and not your problems.

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