Aspects to consider when looking for sports camp accommodation

Going on sports camps is definitely a great experience for any child, but it is also a challenging task for a teacher, since they have to take care of a series of important factors and one of the most important is accommodation during the entire period. It is highly important to do some detailed research online to look for the best place for children to stay and Gold Coast Group Accommodation is quite a good example to consider. If you want to make sure you choose the right sports camp accommodation, pay attention to the tips below.


Consider the size of the lodge

One of the most important facets you need to take into account when looking for a proper place to stay during the sports camp is the size of the lodge. Depending on the number of children going on that camp, you should ensure the accommodation has enough rooms for everyone, including the coach, the teacher or the manager of the team. Keep in mind that price for renting a lodge may vary depending on several criteria such as the number of beds available in the room, which can be of two, four or even more beds. Depending on the number of children coming on that sports camp, choose the accommodation that best fits your needs and budget.

Check to see if they provide meals

Another important aspect to bear in mind when searching for sports camp accommodation is to check whether the facility you have found also has a restaurant or not. It is recommended to select a location where children can eat at least two meals a day, although the ideal choice would be a restaurant that offers each of them three healthy meals a day. Prices vary a lot in this case as well, so make sure you make the right decision and select the offer that matches your budget.

It should be close to the location where sports activities are performed

It may happen for the accommodation to be placed somewhere further away from the location where those sports activities you initially came for actually occur. The lodge may be placed at several hundred meters away or even a few kilometres away from the sports camp itself. It is advisable to select your accommodation not far away from where those activities are performed, especially if there are children enrolled in that sports camp. Some sports facility centres provide accommodation within the same area, so you might want to look for this type of offers when planning the camp.

Look for surrounding attractions

Even though children are going on a camp, this does not mean that they are not allowed to explore the surrounding area after finishing their main activities. Check to see if there are any themed parks in the surrounding region for children to have some good time in the evening for instance, or look for other attractions they might be interested in.

Overall, these are some important aspects you need to take into account when looking for sports camp accommodation.

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