August English football transfers in 2012

Though football managers switch to new and hopefully improved football members and techniques, 2012 has been a year full of positive surprises. Almost each day of August has at least an English football transfer on its list. That’s one of the reasons why Premiership has made such progress, being in bettors’ center of attention. Some football clubs have given away several players, whilst others did their best to get the maximum performance through experienced targeted players. Here are some of the most relevant English football transfers which occurred in August, the current year.

James Collins joined West Ham United in the first day of August, for the amount of 2.5 million pounds. The former player of Aston Villa stepped forward to defend the current position of West Ham and prevent scorers to cross his line. It’s not one of the top football clubs, but in time and with some progress, West Ham might be able to make it in the first positions from the leaderboard. However, this team didn’t stop at a single player. On 10 August another acquisition was made in exchange of 2 million pounds, this time coming from France. Alour Diara, a defensive midfielder, who can also be positioned as a center-back has come as a reinforcement for the team. As observed, the weak spot of West Ham Utd was the defense part. The team received another winger, Matthew Thomas Jarvisfor the exchange of 7.5m pounds. There had been a lot of investments and only a player brought this football club some profits. Nicky Maynard was sold for 2.5m pounds. However, two powerful opponents, Liverpool and Chelsea decided to each loan a player for this season. Things are about to chance, which means there are high hopes for the football club to occupy a higher position in the final top.


On the other hand, Manchester City did some chances as well, of course at higher costs, since it’s the current champion and title owner. The 12 million pounds transfer from Everton is supposed to help the team maintain their position. Jack Rodwell is a 21 aged midfielder with the needed agility to perform extraordinary attacks. And that’s precisely what Man City needs to compete once more against the prestigious Man Utd. Another newly midfielder brought by this FC is the Madrid product, Javier Garcia for the amount of 16 million pounds. Wearing the number 14 T-shirt, he already managed to make himself remarked through the draw in September against Stroke City.  Working further on to the defense part, Matija Nastasi? joined the team for 10 million pounds as the five year contract stipulated it so. Last, but not least, the team got fully prepared for this season with a cost of 6.5m pounds spent on  Scott Sinclair, another midfielder aged 23 years. So much for received transfers implying money on the way. Richard Wright joined the team for free. It may be due to the age. Being 34 and still playing football is an achievement. However, there’s the constant look of “fresh meat”. This football club needed to find a way to recover the investments, thus three former players were passed on in exchange of impressive money sums.  On the 21st of August Emmanuel Adebayor, the African footballer of 2008 left Manchester City for 5m pounds. He was followed by the loan of Harry Bunn and other free transfers.


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