Austria snowboarding for a perfect winter holiday

When it comes to spending your winter holiday, there is one destination that has been popular for decades and is still one of the most preferred among tourists: Austria. Due to its unique climate, this country is a very complex treat for holiday enthusiasts, having a significant cultural value. If you want to learn snowboarding this year or you are already an expert, but are looking for new places where to practice your hobby, Austria snowboarding is highly recommended. The Alps provide unlimited possibilities, and there are numerous sites that are filled with tourists every year. In fact, some of the world’s wealthiest people declared themselves loyal fans of the alpine resorts, which have everything from well-maintained slopes to cosy pensions with excellent accommodation. The touristic potential of the area has been famous for centuries, and it is known that the emperor Franz Josef loved to spend his winters skiing in the Austrian Alps. Today, the sports range has been extended, and snowboarding is becoming one of the favourite activities among visitors. If you are looking to spice up this holiday season, then Austria is definitely a must-see.

The high season for Austria snowboarding starts after Christmas and can last up to February and March. Some of the most sought after resorts are St. Anton, Mayrhofen and Lech, where you can find hundreds of kilometres of perfect trails for snowboarding. Salzburg is also a great option, the region taking pride in owning one of the most famous boarder parks, Hohe Tauern. It is a white paradise, with perfect snow conditions where the whole family can have a great time. The slopes are carefully designed, so that both beginners and experts can snowboard. The instructors are very well qualified, so even children can learn safely this sport.
Due to the fact that most of the country spans across the Alps, Austria snowboarding resorts can be found in many regions. Some of the most famous is the Tirol region, one of the capitals of snowboarding, which is also home to several international competitions such as the Brit Games and Lord of the Boards. Here, the slopes are excellent and the high quality of the modern lifts stands out. It is the dream of any extreme sport enthusiast, so it is no wonder that in the past years Austria has overtaken France in terms of popularity.

It is true that snowboarding can also be practiced in the mountainous regions in Switzerland and France, but Austria has the advantage of offering this possibility at significantly lower prices, and with world-famous services. The hospitality of the locals is unbelievable and, of course, all snowboarders will be interested in places to eat and have fun after practising their favourite pastime activity. You will be happy to learn that the snowboarding resorts also have great dining facilities and the nightlife is very exciting. As a plus, the view is absolutely stunning and spending a few weeks snowboarding in Austria is a well deserved escape from the city life that will boost your energy.

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