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Bet Live On Tennis Events

The more complicated a trick is, the less it will be one. My betting strategy requires little effort and yields a lot of money. You do not need almost any knowledge of sports. I will write a system to make money infallible although you have to have a little patience and the gains are not excessive either but if we do we always win. We open an account in at least three different bookmakers not to attract attention. Choose a team for example from the Spanish league a priori of the middle of the table, we must take into account that at the end of a league all the teams discounting the big ones have tied between 8 and 10 times, every 4 matches on average. We bet 1 euro to tie that team, the ties are always paid between 3 and 3.20.

The strategy is that if this team we have chosen does not tie the following week we bet double again to tie and so on and when we draw we will always have won money. The longer it takes to tie, the greater the gain . For example, if our team draw on day 4 we will bet a total of 15 euros and we will take between 24 and 26 euros so the profit would be 10 euros more or less. If you tie in day 5 we will have bet a total of 31 euros to win between 48 and 50 euros. Each day the bet will be made in a different house to not attract attention. If we want to extend benefits we do it with 2 or 3 teams, we can even take them from other leagues so there are no crosses between them.

I do not put more days because it is assumed that no team from the middle area is going to be more than 8 days without a draw , as we see the gain is not to retire but we can earn some money if we do for example with a team of the Spanish league and another of the Italian one for example. The idea of putting a game for the draw of a tennis bet , is nothing new. The rumor should also have run that in the best of cases it is not long before a beautiful reward arrives, because the corresponding quotas remain high. But here is the way to constantly pocket such sums even for those inexperienced in the matter look for any team from any part no matter what. Tennis Bet for the next match of this team for the draw. Do not spend so much, completely reach a small setting.

If the match ends in a draw, the sum you placed will normally triple on average. If it is not successful, then exactly record this case. In the next game of the same team again make a bet for the tie , with the same putting at stake at least. In case you were successful this time, you will get a third more in total than what you placed so far. It is done 3 of 2. If it does not work out, repeat the procedure next time when you play this equipment. If you have the desired result in the third phase, you will still receive your money until then, thanks to the high fee.

If you do not achieve the desired result this time, increase the setting for the fourth attempt. In the end you will be the winner. I have many teams in the race myself. I carefully note down the one who still owes me a tie with the putting made. So far no one has slipped out of my hands yet. All teams play a draw one day , much more often than you think. This strategy can be further refined, however with a little knowledge of sporting events first-class teams play out more often the draw than at home games, especially in these events I concentrate, because it greatly enhances my balance. Also, I prefer mostly Derbies , the worst teams that usually lose out, I wait until a game is played at home.

It is also advisable to concentrate on leagues in which God knows why the draw is often played especially Tennis has a bad reputation in this regard. This is the safest strategy of all worldwide. Believe me: The ties are not exterminated, on the contrary. During the development of modern Tennis also the weakest teams have an opportunity today. Learn at last to love the draws feared by the betting. I present below the strategy 'professional bet' that despite demanding a little work and training to play it successfully, can be very profitable if you acquire a good command of it.

The one who is good can bets work wins upwards, you can put up to more bets game. How wins such play bets so rare that they can be counted on the fingers of the hand, authentic. This can only be done with a lot of effort and a certain talent. This bet for tennis matches is called Bet of Set. First we choose more or less even matches , preferably in tournaments in which the winner wins the match by winning two sets; that is, the best of three sets. If this is the case then we bet that is, the winner gets the win by winning two sets but having lost one at some time. Thus to be a match matched we can not predict the winner and doing this whoever wins will get benefits because this type of bet usually has high quotas around 4 euros per euro bet and in the worst case the 3 euros per euro wagered and hitting the profits outweigh the losses by far.

For example we bet euros at with a share of the winnings would be and we bet euros at with a odds one of the two forecasts usually has less quota because even before matches matched in level always the bets opt for one the gains would be euros. In total we bet euros and if we hit we would win euros and if we hit we would win euros. In the event that the tennis match is the best of sets that is, the player who wins sets before his opponent, the strategy must focus on matches much more even than the aforementioned so that a is given that even have a higher quota than we did. favors and if we have some doubt we can cover also betting depending on the state of form of the players, the terrain where you are playing because depending on the terrain a player feels more or less comfortable etc. In this way we have bet on possible outcomes and depending on the doubts that arise.

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