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First of all, the first thing to do when deciding to start investing in sports betting on horse racing is to put aside the illusory thoughts that everyone has crossed his mind on occasion. The odds of hitting a mega-composite and becoming a multimillionaire with an investment of € 1 are tiny. It is also difficult to go from € 50 to € 1000 as some of them promise in their famous "challenges". It is also false that your co-worker is taking € 200 a day with this, otherwise, he would not share that job with you. Forget about all that the only key to maintain a sustained benefit over time is perseverance, discipline, great self-confidence, and strong emotional control to avoid giving rise to irrational impulses that would lead us to lose all our investment in a matter of seconds. Before starting to bet on horse racing you must be aware of the reality that involves investing in sports betting on horse racing, and not everything is to know about sports as you can check in this article bet on horse racing.

Now you know that even if they call you "the little Maldini of Calasparra", if you do not have some basic notions of betting on horse racing and statistical knowledge, your soccer skills will be of little use to you. Not lose this should be your goal from now on everything that is not lost at the end of the month will be a success for someone who starts in this exciting world. The best thing to start would be to know in depth the concepts that we use in this world. It's no use knowing a football team very well if you do not know how to translate your knowledge into a bet on horse racing with value.

If you get it, you will be one of the 15% of bet on horse racing that do not lose in sports betting. Many may think that it is a very poor prize, but to start is not bad to be in the 85th percentile of the gamblers of Spain, or what is the same, earning € 1 a year and you would be doing bet on horse racing than of gamblers from the country. With time you can get to be in that select group of 5% of gamblers who earn more than € 230 per year in sports betting on horse racing, or aspire to be someone who makes a living with this data does not appear in this report, but I tell you that it approaches. As you can see of gamblers lost money in their journey. Do you think it is convenient now to change the mentality.

A detail of interest is that almost 60% of players lost between € 0 and € 129 , or what is the same, more than half of the gamblers lost what deposited to get the coveted bonus and no longer played again . You have to study the conditions of the welcome bonuses well, because some betting on horse racing demand very harsh conditions that very few novices can overcome , such as betting on horse racing per day for a month at high odds to be able to release the bonus. For now, you can write down these keywords: fee, welcome bonus . You will use them a lot in the jargon apuestil hereafter. Have you put aside irrational thoughts, Have you understood that winning at betting on horse racing is neither easy nor fun, Do you think you have enough self-control and self-efficacy to be in that small group of winners, If you have already mentalized, go ahead, read on.

In this above tweet you can see that in some cases the bonus release conditions are excessive. Read them well and if something does not suit you, do not register at that betting on horse racing. Later I will leave a list of recommended houses. By the way, if you have been careful, you will have verified that there is a typo in the tweet, effectively 400 x 7 are € 2,800. They offer you a welcome bonus where they double your initial investment in exchange for you bet on horse racing in 30 days at higher installments. If you do not meet those harsh conditions, you will run out of money. Still do not know what a fee is and it sounds a bit like Chinese, Do you have no idea what welcome bonuses are, Do not worry, later I will offer you the necessary resources to solve your concerns. Fee index that reflects what the betting on horse racing will pay us for each euro invested in case of winning.

There are several ways to express this index. The most common in Spain is the decimal. Example means that for every euro invested, the house will pay us 80 cents in the case of winning. For a winning share of we will be paid € 1.5 for each euro invested. You have decided to change the mentality and you think you are prepared to be in that small group of punters that do not lose at the end of the year. It would be good if you could arm yourself with patience while preparing the theory of sports on horse racing.

It is not necessary that you make an account in any bookmaker yet, do not hurry. Did you think that to bet on horse racing you do not have to study, If you think it is possible to earn money without studying, get out of here, this is not the item you are looking for, maybe you should pay € 50 to one of those "tipsters" and participate in your 50 € challenges to breakdown in two days. Winning is not going to win, but it is quick and effective, since you squander your money effortlessly while you enrich the state coffers, those of the bookies and those of the rogue who pretended to be a "tipster", everyone will win less you , and everything for not reading. If you want to learn to detect the tricks that will make you lose all your money quickly and efficiently.

Nobody is going to give you anything, totally distrust those who promise you insured benefits, because that does not exist. Do not trust those who promise you challenges in which you can fulfill your dreams, because that does not exist either. The only way to maintain constant benefits in the long term is through the method that I explain here, which is none other than sacrifice and constant effort. I hope you are aware of the dangers involved in venturing into this world in the hand of the first you see on Twitter or other social networks. Do not trust anyone who offers you insured benefits, because these do not exist. To win in the bets on horse racing you have to forget the immediate rewards and think about the long term.

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