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In order to be able to stream sports live on your mobile or tablet, you must have a gaming account at a gaming company that offers streaming and then fulfill any requirements to access this service. By default, you must be an "active" member, which in practice means that you have to make a deposit to your game account at some point and that, when you want to see streamed sports, you must have at least one crown in your game account. However, there may be differences between different gaming companies in terms of terms.

Some gaming companies offer you the opportunity to watch mobile live streaming of sports directly through a mobile-adapted website, while others have chosen a solution that requires you to download a special app to watch live streaming. As for platforms and system requirements, the basic rule is that you need an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or an Android phone with an at least relatively new version of the operating system. There is only one single gaming company that supports other platforms.Almost all gaming companies that have rights to show live sports offer their customers the opportunity to access the shipments via mobile and tablet. Some gaming companies have really big portfolios of rights and can show for example soccer, tennis, ice hockey and basketball, while others have a narrower range.

When comparing deposit bonuses at odds on different gaming companies, it is important not to stare at exactly what amount you can get, but also take into account the spirit factors that affect how well a bonus actually is.To begin with, you should check how the odds bonus or betting bonus you are interested in is designed. Is it a match bonus whose size is affected by the amount of your deposit, for example, " you get 200% bonus on your first deposit "? Or is it a fixed odds bonus of the type " Make a deposit of at least $ 500 and get $ 1,000 in bonus " Depending on the amount of deposit you may wish to make, different insertion bonuses may be different. The next step is to take a look at the revenue requirements. There are mainly four types of odds bonuses in terms of turnover requirements

You can never withdraw bonus money, however, you can immediately withdraw any winnings that the bonus money generates. You can never withdraw bonus money, and any winnings that bonus money generates has a trading requirement that must be met before you can make any withdrawals from the game account. You can withdraw bonus money after you have fulfilled the sales requirement for the bonus. Any winnings have no turnover requirement. You can withdraw bonus money after you have fulfilled the sales requirement for the bonus. Any winnings also have a turnover requirement.When comparing different sales requirements, it is also important to check exactly what it is going to be sold.

For example, let's say that you get an odds bonus of 50% of your deposit. You deposit $ 1,000 and get $ 500 in bonus. The turnover requirement is 4x. If the sales requirement only applies to the bonus amount for your betting bonus, you only need to sell 4 x 500 kr = 2,000 kr. However, if the turnover requirement applies to both the betting bonus and the amount invested, you must sell 4 x 1,500 kr = 6,000 kr to reach the turnover requirement. It is common for gaming companies that offer odds bonuses to make certain demands on how the turnover should go. It is usually, for example, that only bets where the odds are high enough is counted against the turnover requirement. This in order not to be able to choose low-risk initiatives only to meet the turnover requirement. It is also not permitted to otherwise reduce its risk, for example by betting on both teams in a soccer game.

It is common for gaming sites to attract so-called "risk-free bet" and "risk-free bet" instead of deposit bonus. When you get such an offer, it is important to review the terms to avoid unpleasant surprises. What does this gaming company really mean by the term risk-free. Let's ponder that you get the following offer: "Join us to get a risk free game worth $ 500." If I do a "risk free" game with my money and lose, is the real money I get back that I can take out immediately? At many gaming companies, no cash is returned without bonus money. Bonus money either has a turnover requirement that must be met before any withdrawal can take place, or you can not withdraw its bonus at all, but only the possible profits it generates. The "risk-free" game is therefore not completely risk free in the sense that you get the money back immediately.

If I win on my risk-free game, can I withdraw the money directly or are there any sales requirements or similar to the profit because it was a "risk-free" bet? Is the win a cash win or is it a kind of odds bonus. There are gaming companies that have generous rules for their risk-free games and there are others who do what they can to make the player never see their money again. Here at we try to sell out the good gaming companies from the bad ones, and if you have bad experience of your deposit bonus or the like, we want you to hear from you. Here you will find best deposit bonus at odds for betting players. An odds bonus can give you a lot more money to play for and sometimes you can also get a bonus without deposit or the money back if you lose. We are negotiating directly with the gaming companies to give you the best deposit bonuses at odds in all modes.

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