Breaking records for the MLB 2013 competition

Be the first to hear out the latest rumors regarding your favorite sport: baseball! Founded in 1869, the Major Baseball League is a national competition where 30 professional baseball teams are fighting to reach to the top annually, from the last day of March until the second of July. There are 162 confrontations for players to show who’s the boss this season. 2013 features 19 games with 4 opponents from the same division, 66 games between opponents from different divisions and 20 interleague games. Be the first to find out the fresh predictions based on the 2012 baseball season and the game-play participating teams have managed to present.

Diamondbacks upfront Dodgers

Due to the poor offensive the Dodgers have proved, losing one point difference from the Arizona teams, there’s not much to comment about, rather than placing your stakes on the Diamondbacks. Here and there were the complaints about somewhat an expansion of the strike zones in the game, which caused a huge loss for the Dodgers. However, the disappointment is said to be recovered in the confrontation with St. Louis, a team Dodgers have been laying their target on, ever since long ago. They hope to outreach their potential and recover from the strike received when playing against Arizona.

White Sox dethroned by Tigers

Changes are happening all the time, but who could say that the White Sox will find its end in the Tigers’ shots? The final 8-6 score from Wednesday night was a spectacular and surprising shock for the Tigers supporters. Always behind White Sox, they’ve grown tired of following them in the American League Central. It was about time for the Tigers to lead the way. A tight match was between these two warriors, but Scherzer and Fielder knew how to find White Sox’s weak spot and the attack turned the situation into Tigers’ favor.


Chicago Cubs, still a legendary team

If Dodgers and White Sox lost their leader position, this rule doesn’t apply for Chicago Cubs. A victory to remember, which helped the Chicago maintain their determined position in baseball, the confrontation ended in their favor with a four points difference( 5-1 for Chicago Cubs). Thanks to Dave Sappelt, the reliever from Astros got a pretty nasty hit on the face, while trying to keep his guard up for the ball. Astros couldn’t manage to face The Cubs, the only weakness that allowed them to score a point, being Fernando Martinez hit to the pinch.

Better injured than losing in favor of Red Sox

Though the Yankees are about to lose their winning title over the American League East side, they’d rather leave home with serious injuries, rather than allowing Red Sox to stand ahead them. Or at least that’s what Jeter thought, receiving a damage to his left ankle. Still a victory counts as a victory and Yankees won with 5-4 against Red Sox.  David Phelps and Curtis Grandderson are responsible for giving a bit of hope to all Yankee fans after this score. Even so, there’s not much to say about the legendary Yankees, for it seems they’ve be caught up from behind by their vigorous opponents.


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