Which Bushnell golf rangefinder is right for you?

When used according to the instructions, a golf rangefinder can completely revolutionize your experience and even make you a better player. If you are passionate about this sport, then the question is not whether you should buy a rangefinder or not, the question is which model you should buy. Brands such as Bushnell are mostly known for their optical devices so the market definitely does not lack in good options, but brand prestige and product popularity should not be the only two criteria on your list. First and foremost, you have to assess your level, set your goals and buy a rangefinder that you can actually use and that can help you, not one to sit on your shelf for years until it becomes outdated. Head over to http://www.bushnellgolfrangefinder.com/ to read reviews and technical specifications. Most importantly, talk to players that are on the same page as you are to make sure you purchase a device that matches your skills, goals and financial possibilities.


GPS rangefinders – for players who are just starting out


Are you interested in golf, you have just bought your first set of clubs, but you are not sure you want to play in tournaments someday? Pick the safe choice and go with a GPS rangefinder for starters. It is cheaper and you are likely to get use out of it, because you do not need that many features. The integrated GPS technology is helpful because the device already includes maps of various golf courses around the world (you can update this lists at any time). This means you do not have to hold the device with a steady hand to get a reading and you use it even when it is cloudy outside or you are playing on a course with obstacles.


Several Bushell GPS rangefinder models for beginners: the entire NEO range (XS and Ghost) is great and their GPS golf watches are very compact and easy to use. If you want something slightly more advanced, but not laser, try the Bushnell White Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder.


Laser rangefinders – for tournaments and expert players


A laser rangefinder costs, on average, $500, so they are clearly made for professionals who expect more from their gear. Laser technology currently provides the best accuracy and magnification, which makes professional tournament players their target market. Despite their advanced features, laser rangefinders have impressive battery life and they can be very sturdy. Their only problem is that performance drops dramatically once the sky gets a bit cloudy. Perfect visibility is essential for laser technology to do its best. You will also need a steady hand.


Right now, Bushnell’s laser rangefinders are one of the top choices among professional golf players. Check out their Tour series (Tour X, Z6 Jolt, V3 Slope, V3) or Pro series (Pro X7 & X7 Slope). If you want the benefits of laser technology at a more affordable price and do not necessarily intend to play in tournaments, we recommend the Medalist model.

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