Chelsea v. Manchester City: a match to remember

On November 25 football has known what it’s called, a challenging debate. All supporters, fans and punters widely opened their eyes for the glorious match about to show whether Chelsea has really gone down or if Manchester City is eager enough to win the championship twice in a row. Two powerful football clubs finally got their reunion and here’s what actually happened.

Judging by the moves and the role each footballer had in his own team, you are more informed over future predictions and better suggestions for the final results. A fact is clear, both football clubs are willing to go for that title and both of them are situated among the first positions, ready to give the best out of them for those points which would eventually declare a single team as a winner. Starting with Chelsea, here are the facts: Thumbs up for Petr Cech who managed to stop Manchester City’s players twice from scoring goals into the gate. He paid attention in both the first half and at the beginning of the second one, thus he can be pronounced as a veritable player for this team. Then again a solid recovery was observed in the attacks, too, with Cesar wearing the no. 6 shirt. Another player very skilled in defending his territory on the court, is Ivanovic who did an amazing job holding Terry’s place in the game. However, Chelsea really build a strong defense technique, bringing upfront all the best player, such as Ashley Cole, Ramirez and Fernando Torres, three of the golden Chelsea players. Though fans expected more out of this football club, all players formed a really team, protecting their court and still attacking as much as possible Manchester City.


On the other hand, here’s a short analysis judging by the way footballers from Manchester City played against Chelsea and what they’d hoped in exchange of their performance. Evaluating both teams, you can easily come up with more accurate football score predictions in the near future. Joe Hart managed to stop Chelsea from scoring a goal into his gate, which made things easy for him during this match. Zabaleta on the other hand, is the star of the game, being constantly active and laying eyes on Chelsea’s footballers, so that they wouldn’t come across his court.  Kompany did a great job, too, keeping Torres from scoring. He really proved out to be a great defender for Manchester City. Sergio Aguero and Toure were the closest ones to Chelsea’s gate, but unfortunately none of them managed to control the ball that much and get pass to the defendants so that they would score and become victorious. All footballers did try this time, but it seems they haven’t proved their best against Chelsea.

Punters were left with the impression that failure comes from both teams, while others gladly took their prize for a draw prediction. In the end, no matter if you consider this an advantage or a disadvantage, the two reputable football clubs ended the match with a draw, none of them being able to get pass through the defensive technique and score. In the future a thing should be considered: bet on double chances to make accurate football score predictions. This way, a draw comes in handy when you least expect it, though the odds may have a lower value than those displayed for the 1X2 bet. So those who perform online sport betting probably suffered a big disappointment with this game that nobody expected to end in a draw. But this just goes to show that no matter how well you know a sport, no matter how much you know about the two teams playing, there is never anything certain in betting, be it online sport betting or just two pals agreeing over a beer. In the end, it is this characteristic of the unknown that makes us to attracted to sports and competitions.

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