Dare to explore the sea through wave jumping

Do you love hanging on the beach and swimming in the wide ocean? Are you a sea person? If the water, the waves are something peachy for you, then you must try something extreme! Wave jumping is for real men who know how to settle down the waves, passing through them without fear. Extreme sports are amazing and most people try them. But try breaking the ice a bit, by doing something off shore. Better than surfing, wave jumping is not so popular in practice which means all the ladies will be thrilled to see you fighting against the sea fury. However, wave jumping is a very dangerous sport usually practiced on ski jets. If you fall, it’s hard to get up and recover that heavy jet you’ve been doing stunts with.

If you have no fear and you are really into wave jumping you must first of all know how to read the wind and the waves. These are two of the most important factors which influence your moves. There are two types of waves: the reef ones which usually form in rocky areas and the beach waves, which are slower and not so dangerous. For starters, it’s best to go with the beach breaks, because you can also use a safety net, in case you’re falling down. The reef regions are really extreme and they are recommended for the experienced wave jumpers. This region can be your dead end or the glory you’re been diving after.

The wind, on the other hand, creates different conditions for this extreme off shore sport. There are the offshore winds and the onshore ones. The first ones are more adequate for this sport, due to the fact that the sea will provide better conditions for wave jumping. Waves will not break that easily, allowing you to ride them for a longer time with your ski jet. Australia is a great example for this kind of wind and probably the perfect spot for such extreme sport.


On contrary to this, the onshore winds will give you quite a headache and tough conditions for wave jumping. It’s like everything goes against you. You then feel the fury of the water that will create smaller waves which will push you down with a high speed. Waves will close pout quickly and they might swallow you with your ski jet, creating serious damages. Associating onshore winds with the reef waves is the most extreme situation for wave jumping, dangerous even for professionals!

In conclusion, if you’re up to huge deeds, then explore the water, explore the weather conditions, then start making your water stunts for pleasure and for a high level of adrenaline. Be sure you’re a good swimmer and that there are no people in the water, to avoid serious collateral victims. Wave jumping is fun, it’s sort of an unexplored part of the extreme sports and there are less competitors in this category.  Equip yourself with a diving costume, get a powerful ski jet with an impressive engine that will never let you down while you’re in the air and start doing your thing! Fight against the waves through wave jumping!

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