Fly high with the bungee jumping madness

Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins? Are you an active person looking for interesting ways to spend your spare time? Forget about climbing mountains and tent travels. Try something extreme and live each second like it would be your last one. Though it’s a dangerous sport to practice, bungee jumping has numerous fans ready to show off their abilities and madness through the most dangerous loops over high places and risky jumps. You can never get bored of jumping from fixed high objects or jumping from airplanes with an elastic cord attached on. The free falling is a unique experience and it will give you the thrill each time you put on the jumping equipment.


“Anything thick and squat” is how James Jennings defines this interesting sports activity, in his “Observations of Some of the Dialects in The West of England” book. However, the tradition of jumping from high places has its origins long time before you’d knew it. Barely in 1950′s teens used to tie their ankles and play the falling game, thinking they were the the “Papantla flyers”, some ancient Aztec legends. With the time being, things have progressed a lot and so has the risk of falling for good. It’s dangerous, forbidden for people suffering from heart diseases, but it’s also the most extreme sport you could ever practice. Once you’ve let go from high up above, there’s no control over things and your entire life hangs on an elastic cord. Three decades were necessary for people to actually get involved in this tricky activity and make calculations, adjust and create a safety equipment and make bungee jumping recognized world wide!



The most important item your jump should include, is the rope, or the cord as it is also called. Manufactured of latex so that it would be resistant to the fall, this should be shorter than the height of the falling place, due to its elasticity and bouncing properties. It’s essential for the cord to be shorter, otherwise you’ll land on your head, making a strong contact with the earth. A body harness completes the whole equipment, providing a higher grade of safety in jumping. However, if you’re looking forward for sensational effects and breath taking extreme actions, attach the cord to your ankles, without using anything else. As an amateur, you’re not advised to go to extremes, if you still want to come back to reality.


Where to bungee jump the best?

Looking for places to jump off? Bungee jumping is also a recreational activity. Whenever you need to clear your head, you could use something unforgettable. Instead of wishing to push someone off a cliff, you should try that for yourself. It’s actually a stress killer, for some being even a motivational activity to change their negative impact over life. Here’s the top 4 best bungee jumping places, to die for!

1. Europabrücke Bridge, Austria a 192 meters tall bridge links Australia to Italy across the well known Alps. It’s the perfect place to let go and loosen up. Sometimes, the jump seems so long that you have time to think it through lost of decisions you’ve taken in this life.

2.Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa – a gorgeous pendulum bridge for passionate bungee fliers with the altitude of 216 meters, time will seem not that slippery anymore. Many adventurers consider this to be the perfect spot for air jumps.

3.Verzasca Dam, Switzerland. With just 4 meters away from South Africa, this place is not that comfortable to jump off, due to the fact that you can easily hit off the wall which you’re supposed to go down in parallel. Still, it occupies the third position for bungee jumping world wide, due to its impressive height. Besides, professional jumpers or adrenaline rushers don’t mind the wall behind them.

4.Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado with its impressive height of 321 meters, represents the perfect spot to explore the rocky mountains…upside down! This deep whole between the Colorado mountains is a perfect natural environment to practice “jumps from the sky”.

The icing on the cake

The last place to fall from and the highest existing one, which makes it the top leader in bungee jumping, is Macau Tower, from China. You have 338 meters to go down in a continuous fall which seems never ending. Ever since 2001 when it was inaugurated a lot of people have tried their luck, putting their lives at hang on this unique building. Found in the Guinness Book of Records, this place is world wide recognized as being the highest bungee jumping platform all around the world. A.J Hackett is the famous sky jumper who had discovered this amazing place.

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