Get to know the top 10 tennis players of all times

person you admire for the proven talent and the amazing tennis skills. If you simply love watching tennis games and competitions, then you also must be aware of the top 10 tennis players who have made this sport known world-wide. It’s their passion, devotion and also a hell of a work that brought them to where they are standing now. So let’s find out who are the most skillful players of this interesting and active sports game, an activity you can also wager on if you have an account on a wagering platform.

Numerous rankings place Roger Federer on the tenth position of the leader boards, being a Swiss tennis player who won the Grand Slam for 16 times. He was also awarded for sic times as the ATP World Tour Finals winner. Previously being situated on the first position, he managed to stay maintain this title for more than 285 weeks. Among the list of won trophies and prizes, you will also find a six years title for Wimbledon. If anyone doubted his skillful play, betting on the luck to have persuaded him into winning those previous awards, in 2009 he got the Roland Garros, also receiving the French Open trophy. Apart from this, Roger Federer is the only male tennis player who has ever managed to reach the Grand Slam finals for at least five times.


Number nine belongs to Pete Sampras who outreached his opponent with another week in the No. 1 rankings. He got 14 Grand Slams, as additions to the seven Wimbledon titles and the five U.S Open ones. He is known in the entire world for his smashing serves, the calm he possesses during a match and also the additional two Australian Open titles. The retired American player will always be remembered for his outstanding court performances against experienced rivals such as  Patrick Rafter or Andre Agassi. However, despite his successful tennis career, he never got the chance to win a French Open title or even reach to the finals of this tournament.

Next to talk about is Rafael Nadal, the winner of sever French Open titles and 35 single awards of great tennis tournaments. Fans and supporters have classified him as being a clay court player, but despite this nickname he managed to win all four Grand Slams, while being faced with players as  Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, speaking of which Nadal won a 18-9 head-to-head competition. The Spanish tennis player is also the possession of a golden medal from the Olympic Games held in 2008 in Beijing. Currently, the 26 aged player is ranked on the fourth position by the Association of Tennis Professionals.


Another winner of the Grand Slam prizes for 11 times, is the Australian tennis player, Rod Laver. The climax of his career was back in 1969 when he managed to win numerous prestigious tennis titles, such as the Australian Open, the French one, too along with Wimbledon and the U.S. Open tournaments. So far, no other player managed to beat his record. He is also recognized for inventing an innovative tennis playing strategy, the  serve-and-volley game, being popular through his aggressive ground strokes.

On the fifth position we are dealing with another 11 times winner of the Grand Slam title, also being the champion of six Roland Garros awards. Bjorn Borg never got the chance to compete in the U.S Open, nor the Australian one, due to his retirement decision at 25 years. He was a true opponent, known as almost an unstoppable in his performance on the tennis court.


Moving forward on, John McEnroe got his Grand Slam title for sever times, performing a real show while playing against his opponents. He really contributed to publicity for tennis sports, having a great touch and a great game flow in doubles. In fact, he won more doubles Gram Slams, than single ones, possessing nine titles.

Ivan Lendl is another tennis player among the reputable top 10 tennis players. He managed to stay No.1 for 270 weeks, being in the Wimbledon finals twice. He is also an eight times winner of the Grand Slam title.  The third position on the all times tennis leader boards belongs to Jimmy Connors, an American player, contemporary with tennis names like John McEnroe and  Bjorn Borg. Despite playing with great names, he still got to win the Grand Slam for eight times. What made his famous is the winning of 109 tournaments, more than any other tennis male players.

The second position belongs to Andre Agassi, one of the men with the most interesting tennis career. Throughout his performances, he kept having ups and downs, still he got eight Grand Slam awards. He is one of the all times four players who managed to obtain all four Grand Slam titles in the participating tournaments. His undeniable match along his entire career is Pete Sampras. These players made a real show from all confrontations.


The hardest part is deciding who’s No. 1 among all times tennis players. Novak Djokovic has gathered five Grand Slam titles, facing reputable players such as Federer, Nadal and also Murray. Despite this rivalries he had to face, he was declared as the best tennis player in 2011 and 2012 seasons. With 41 match awards till the French Open semi-finals, his title is contested by those voting for Mats Wilander. With 7 titles from Grand Slam, his 2011 performance was a complete surprise and an outstanding tennis edition. However, just like Lendl, he never got his chance to be proclaimed as the winner of Wimbledon.

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