Getting ready for the Austria snowboarding festival

Apart from being outrageous, snowboarding is also fun and challenging. Austria is a very reputable country where all major contests take place. Next year comes with a splendid surprise for all those snowboarding lovers. Book your ticket for the best festival about to happen in April 2013. Numerous surprises await for you, starting with the resort and ending it with the snowboarding contest. Who said you can’t win it and have fun at the same time? It’s music, prizes and lovely times all together involved in this amazing adventure. Snowbombing is announced as being the coolest Austria snowboarding festival. There’s the sunny days and the fresh white snow along with those tremendous parties. Here’s how you can become one of the participants to the best organized festival during winter seasons.

Austria snowboarding resort


The main attraction for any snowboarder is the resort. Well, Austria is well known all over the world for having the coolest alpine peaks just ready to explore. The landscape is absolutely breath-taking, thus you’d better take your camera with your for an outrageous adventure. Apart from the traditional wooden barns you’ve been accustomed with, now you have an entire nightclub all made out of snow. But that’s for the fun part. Regarding Austria snowboarding sessions, you have around 625km to show what you’ve got and a glacier of 3286 meters. Pun on your best attitude, before you go around in the snow. If you’re new to the activity, you can always book your training lessons and learn from a real pro how to handle the bumps and how to glide in snow. One of the highly elaborated lift passes will bring you on top of your dreams. So let go of all your fears and come to have tremendous fun.

Craft of Daft, a warm welcome from Snowbombing


It’s not all about the panoramic landscape, but for the party! You will be enjoying your time to the maximum, being powered up by smashing parties with different themes. The top four parties you’ll definitely attend to while in there are street party, fancy dress, backcountry party and also the Arctic Disco. It’s a bursting time where you will be having a blast, thus there’s no time for sleeping once you’re up for the Austria snowboarding spring festival. You will also be delighted with qualitative music. World-wide reputable Djs will be mixing for you live in the launching parties.

Booking and accommodation


How much will you be willing to pay for an extraordinary lifetime Austria snowboarding experience? Flexibility is another amazing opportunity for all those interested in booking their ticket. Choose in between three stars and four rated stars hotels. The maximum cost is less than 500 pounds per night. Furthermore, you can book you equipment from there at affordable prices, have a scenery view from the lift passes, take skiing and snowboarding lessons and if you bring a few friends along with you, then you’re also eligible for a consistent discount.

Overall, this amazing Austria snowboarding festival is not just about extreme sports, though it represents the main attraction. From the first of April, until the sixth of it you will be enjoying the most amazing snowboarding resorts. No matter if you are a professional or an amateur, skiing is absolutely fabulous and never boring, once it has been made in Austria.

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