Going for the best snowboarding gear

In the winter time, there aren’t so many outdoor sports that you can practice, so you have to make the best out of the remaining ones. Snowboarding is a great way not to feel the cold outside, since the adrenalin rush goes through your veins. If you want to take on this sport professionally then you should pay attention to two things: balance and gear. As for balance, you either have it or you start working on it. If you are afraid of a little bit of pain, then give up and start learning badminton. But if not, then start practicing, you will definitely learn fast.


Style matters

As for the gear, here are some tips that you might consider, when you decide to buy. A snowboard is the main piece and it is the most expensive one. Because of its price, before going ahead and just picking one out, decide what kind of a person you are, to be more exact, choose your riding style. If you are a beginner, then you are in the All mountain Snowboarding, also known as the Freeride category, in which the moves are similar with the ones in skateboarding. You’ll need a rigid board, that is meant for ridding in a single direction. The All mountain style is the most popular one and it means that you will be going downwards. This is why your board has to be flat as well, so you can increase your speed. If you are a bit more advanced and like doing tricks, then you fall in the Freestyle category. You need a special board, more flexible than the All mountain one, because you will be turning it and flipping it. It is shorter in length, but wider in surface, so it gives the rider more balance. Believe it or not, in some snowboarding schools, these are the boards they use, in order to built a balance sense for their students. The style is important, but another fact that matters in buying a board is your height. The biggest mistakes that most people do is to buy a board that is not appropriate for their height, so this way they lose balance.


The right boots

When it comes to boots, the style is your coordinate. If you are a beginner in snowboarding, then always go for a softer model, having a bigger flexibility. But if you are a Freeride speed border, then your choice should consist of rigid boots, that keep you tide on to your board. On the other hand a Freestyle experienced rider should always be on the look out for softer boots, so he has the freedom to do his tricks in a correct manner. Remember to know you shoe size, because bigger or smaller boots can definitely inconvenience you. The bindings you will buy should be appropriate to your boot type, if it is a flexible or a rigid model and to your ridding style.


As for the helmet, this is a must for all boarders. It doesn’t matter what color it is or what pattern it has on, you just have to wear it. So, start looking for your snowboarding gear now that you have some idea about what you should buy.

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