How sports drinks affect teeth


Athletes are usually taking great care of their health, but they do not know that some products that are designed to help them are actually affecting them. They are produced for both young people and adults. They contain electrolytes that help athletes to maintain their energy when they are engaged in intense physical activities. Sports drinks are widely used because they are a tasty alternative to water, and sports men have to stay hydrated all the time. Many of these people do not realize what negative effects have sports drinks have on their teeth, and that they also affect the persons who have Dental Veneers Toronto.

Why athletes do not realize the danger

Many athletes avoid drinking soda, because it contains sugar. It is widely known that sugar leads to tooth decay and the quantities of sugar found in soda cause negative effects that manifest very quickly. They replace the unhealthy soda with sports dink because they know that it contains sugar in small quantities. They do not know that sports drinks cause tooth problem because they are very acidulate. There are studies that prove that the quantity of acid in these drinks is so big that starts causing problems only after five days of drinking it.

How big is the damage

When considering that the majority of teenagers that practice sports drink at least one sports drink per day the damage level is a very high one, when thinking how many people are affected by it. Adults do not drink so more so the damage caused at different categories of people is different. Even for the ones that are not drinking it for a long time the effects are irreparable, because the acid starts to damage the enamels of the teeth immediately. When the enamel is damaged it will not regrow, and the affected persons will become sensitive at the extreme cases of cold and hot temperatures and at touch. Teenagers will feel it instantly when they eat or drink.  Because the enamel is damaged the tooth is more susceptible to decay and cavities.

How to avoid damage

The best way to avoid having negative effects from drinking sports drinks is to replace them with water. However, this is a drastic measure and almost no athlete will stop drinking them. In this case, there are some tips on how to reduce the damage caused by them and to maintain the health of the teeth. After drinking these products people have to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing their teeth, because brushing after drinking acidic drinks will cause serious problems to the layer below the enamel, called dentin. People should alternate the sips of sports drink with water to neutralize their effect. They should drink them in one sitting or in a straw if possible, because they will reduce the damage. In addition, they can chew sugar-free gum or rinse their mouth with water after drinking sports drinks. Every athlete that consumes these types of products should see a dentist regularly and strictly follow his advices.

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