How to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey

Fitness – everyone agrees that it is healthy, everyone wants to do it, and yet somehow it ends up being just another neglected bullet point on your list of New Year’s resolutions. If you’re having trouble sticking to your fitness schedule or you haven’t even managed to buy that membership, we have some tips that will get you excited for working out and see this activity not as a chore, but as a pleasant daily ritual. Before you know it, you’ll greet fitness hour with a smile, not with a groan, and you’ll see it as a natural part of the day, just like your morning coffee.

Seek guidance from a personal trainer

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it wasn’t built by one person. When you work out alone, it’s easy to lose focus and motivation, either because you don’t see any results or because you just don’t feel like doing it anymore. A personal trainer can help you get rid of both these problems. Professional trainers, like the ones from, will build a workout plan that matches your goals and abilities, making sure that you stick to it. They’ll make you feel motivated, confident and help you push the limits to what you thought your body could do.

Choose a gym that inspires you

The gym where you work out has a great impact on your mindset. If it’s small, cramped, poorly equipped, unhygienic and outdated, you won’t love going there, no matter how cheap or financially convenient it is. On the other hand, a modern gym that offers you a relaxing environment with plenty of fitness options will keep you inspired and motivated. For example, if the gym also has a café, spa and sauna where you can relax after a workout, you won’t want to miss a session.

Set realistic goals

We all want to get a cover model body, but not everyone loses weight in the same way. Have an open and honest discussion with your personal trainer, ask them to assess your physical shape and then figure out the steps needed to achieve your goal. While working out, think of the final image you want to achieve, but take baby steps to get there. Don’t try to do too much at once, especially as beginner, because you might be disappointed. Instead, set milestones; they’re much more realistic and easier to follow.

Build a personalised fitness routine

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In fitness, nothing is universal. What worked for your best friend might not work for you, so stay away from generic weight loss & toning programs and ask your personal trainer to develop a bespoke routine for you. Exercises should target problem areas and match your goals. You should also think of the best time for you to work out and organise the routine so it doesn’t get in the way of your daily plans.

Track results

Nothing motivates you more than seeing the fruits of your labour. Don’t let hard work go unnoticed and establish a time to assess fitness results. At first, you’ll see dramatic improvements, but the fat burning rate will steadily decrease as you build muscle mass instead.

Invest in quality workout gear

High quality workout clothes are important for two reasons. First, they ensure your comfort and absorb sweat, so you work out efficiently. Second, they make you feel good and get your excited about fitness. If you spend a couple of hundred dollars on a pair of expensive (and high quality!) designer trainers, workout pants, top and hoodie, you’ll want to put them to good use, not just forget them in a drawer.

Be part of the communit

Being part of a community and knowing that you are not alone will keep you motivated and pick you up when you lose interest. A community doesn’t have to be a group of people with whom you work out. It can very well be a group of friends or the members of a fitness forum or blog. To stay connected to the fitness world outside the gym, you can check out athletes’ YouTube channels or watch the daily vlogs of regular people who work out. If you’re into social media, you can even post details about your fitness journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and gain support from the community.

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