How to win a netball game


If you genuinely want to win and become a master of netball, you have to make an effort. Even if you are not a bad player, you still need to have a strategy. Good players are able to read the game and immediately react to it. On the other hand, great players are capable of predicting what will happen next. Just like a goalkeeper knows when the opposite team will bring the ball into the final third, so does a netball player know when the opponent is going to shoot the ball. When playing social netball in London, you most likely want to be part of the winning team. In order to win a netball game, you have to put in a lot of work and use the following tips.

Master the passing technique

In netball, you need to master the skill of passing. Actually, players focus more on their passing skills than they do on any other kind of gym work. Passes are key to the game because they keep the opponents guessing. You can practice your ability to pass the ball by throwing it between you and your teammates. What you should focus on is your shoulder pass. Thanks to the height of the pass, you are able to trick defenders standing between you and your teammates. Keep in mind that the passing skills wins games and concentrate on it during your practice sessions.

Learn to score under pressure

To win a netball match, you have to score more points than the opposition. Although this seems impossible, you can score. Netball is not so much a physical game, but a mental one. However, scoring when you are under pressure is not easy. What you have to do is learn how to control your nerves and try not to think about distractions. Get used to be in the moment and play with confidence. Equally important is to concentrate on your shooting technique. Having a coach does come in handy, but you can practice by yourself too.

Become a good goal defender

Another key point of playing netball is knowing how to defend. Keeping the opponent team from scoring is just as important as scoring yourself. Gain possession of the ball from the opponents through an interception. A clever interception will most certainly result in a scoring opportunity. Position yourself in such a way that you can impede incoming passes.

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