Interesting facts about football you didn’t know

The football industry is a continuously growing one, football clubs investing enormous amounts of money in training and bringing in their teams some of the best (and most expensive players) for increasing their chances of winning national and international cups and competitions. However, we are convinced that you might be unaware regarding some of the most interesting facts in the football world. And we guess some of you might be unaware about all income-generating techniques developed based on this game, such as free matched betting. However, let’s find out more about the fascinating football world.


1. Interesting origins and history

Football originated around 467 B. C. in China and since then it took the world by storm. Nowadays being one of the most watched sports of all times, the World Cup has more than one billion fans watching it on TV. An interesting fact you probably didn’t know is that up until 1913, goalkeepers didn’t have to wear different coloured equipment. And if you think that anybody can play football, think again. A football player runs on average about 9.65 kilometres during a game. And if you like basketball as well, then you might be surprised to find out that the first basketball game was played using a soccer ball. And if you think that football is quite of a peaceful game, then you must know that this sport is causing plenty of aversions amongst the fans of different teams. For instance, all across Europe incidents appear at diverse football games. Also, natural disasters have targeted soccer games in the past. In 1998, lighting killed an entire football team in Congo, at a game. And if you like to watch the moon, than think about the fact that Neil Armstrong thought about taking the game to the moon. However, the NASA representatives opposed to the idea, since soccer is not considered to be quite of an American sport.

2. Many make good profits out of this sport

And we are not speaking about football players, coaches or team managers and CEOs. We are speaking about regular individuals that choose football betting as their second monthly income source. Many make even up to 1.000 pounds monthly, if this gives you a more accurate idea. However, make sure to pick the perfect betting technique, for succeeding this. Matched betting or double betting might be the safest online technique of making additional money online. By using it you can profit from the bookmaker’s promotions. Since the betting industry is a continuously developing and competitive one, all bookmakers must offer advantages to their clients. This way, they preserve their place in their audience’s preferences. Also, the platforms offer valuable pieces of advice their clients can use to increase their monthly profits.

As you can see, regardless of the name you call it by; this sport surely has a colourful history and brings also quite some advantages. Being one of the highly acclaimed entertainment sources for many, it is also a great source of additional income.

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