Last minute free English football transfers in 2012

Winter and summer are the only occasions when football managers can make transfers hopefully for enhancing their teams. However, not all of them have to be paid, several English football transfers being made for free. Whether they are new players who hadn’t got the chance to make themselves remarked, or old players that have been given away, they surely must become worthy for playing in a professional league. August represents the final occasion, being the decisive moment for a football club.

In the first day of the final transfers season Paul Downing changes sides, joining Walsall. Again another player joining the team is Connor Taylor from Aston Villa. Also Rangers decided to pass on Salim Kerkar to Charlton Athletic and Vancouver gets the Italian centre back Andy O’Brien. Though they’re not all members of the Premier League, some football teams receive free players from these, several of them borrowing footballers from professional football clubs. Nathan Doyle, a talented player from Barnsley joined Bradford City on the 4th of August. The can play as a central midfielder, on the right-back and even in the right side of the midfield, thus he’s very appreciated by the team that brought him.  Simon Gillett joins Nottingam Forest, previously being a Doncaster Rovers footballer. On the other hand, Barnsley gets a new
player to display in the team, the Polish footballer Tomasz Cywka. In addition to this, the team also welcomes Marlon Harewood and also the Spanish footballer from Real Madrid, Alberto Noguera. Among other free English football transfers for this team, there is to mention  David Gonzales and Martin Craine, too. Among the August English football transfers you will also encounter Dele Adebola who currently plays as a striker for Rochdale, being a former Hull City member.

On the other hand, Derby Country gets the former Newcastle United footballer, Michael Hoganson. Queen Park Rangers is another Premiership football club which donates a player, giving away Peter Ramage to Crystal Palace. Talking about West Bromwich Albion, they also integrate the unattached Markus Rosengerg to their team. On the ninth of August only Doncaster Rovers get a free player, the right back Paul Quinn from Cardiff City. The exchange can’t be seen as a granted one, because this last team got themselves a Liverpool footballer, Craig Bellamy.

There is an entire list of free transferred footballers. The question is, why wouldn’t anyone pay for these players? In fact they haven’t been so publicized and few people know of their existence. Each passionate football supporter gets to deeply analyze all players playing in his country. There are too many of them world-wide, football being that sports market with the most national and international competitions. Some players are too young to have a reputation, while some of them are still working on that. They’ve been registered on English football teams for free to prove their skills and make their name known to the entire world. If they’ll be able to make it, within several years heavy money will be requested so that these currently no name players would join professional and recognized football clubs.

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