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Sports…there’s always something to talk about, an issue to analyze, a score which didn’t seem to fit. And of course, there are the national and international competitions which draw the attention to all sports passionate people and also bettors. However, football has never lost its crown in favor of any other sport there is on the planet. That’s why, it has become played world wide, enhancing players and also supporters in extraordinary challenges where you can also bet on. So here’s what happened lately in the football rubrics.

Netherlands headed for World Cup with injuries
The eyes were set for Robin van Persie who suffered a terrible injury during his match for the glorious qualification for World Cup. He’s the Manchester United striker who scored not less than 4 goals out of six chances during his play for the Premier League event this season. He’s one of a kind and a valuable player for the team, which made him an easy target  for the competitors. Van Persie made himself remarked in the team ever since he has signed the contract with Manchester United to play in the featured matches which were about to come. Still, he’s not the only concern United has been facing with, since they already lost another member with a back injury during warm ups, Shinji Kagawa. Looks like there’s only bad luck for the successful Manchester team.


England’s next competitions to follow
Seens like the flag has been raised high enough for England, requesting its presence in numerous confrontations. The World Cup comes in with 5 friendly games for England with Brazil and the Republic of Ireland. Now that’s a story! England hasn’t been on the same court with Ireland ever since 1995, which means 2013 is about to come up with new surprises for all football lovers. Apart from that, the UEFA final will be hosted on the Wembley Stadium, therefore, England will have lots to work on, its schedule being filled up already for the next year.

Rescued by a penalty
Since we’re discussing England mostly, there is to say it was about to fail in their game against Ukraine
for the World Cup qualifications. If it weren’t for Lampard, England would have gone far behind, due to the strong team Ukraine managed to draw to completion for the World Cup. Ever since the first half of the match, England might have miss the opportunity to play against San Marino in October. Seems like players were already wasted by the previous challenges they’ve put up to, so the match caught their guard really low. Eventually, the confrontation ended with a tight draw, a penalty stroke by the England’s player, Frank Lampard. More like a bloody battle rather than a game, eventually the whole event ended up with 8 yellow cards plus a red one and more than 9 substitutions for both England and Ukraine.


New deals at Norwich City
Enough with the sorrow and the bad news. Norwich finally got what they’ve been expecting. David Fox will be joining the crew after having sighed the two years contract. He mentioned that he’s unavailable for play yet, due to the injuries suffered in the past, but he’s about to work hard to show he belongs to the team and please the manager, so that he wouldn’t regret the investment. “I’ve now got to impress the manager and show him why I should be in the team.”, as Fox stated for the press.

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