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Many people have a hard time understanding why is power walking as effective as jogging. To be truly efficient, power walking needs to be done at approximately 4.5 miles/hour. This is really fast walking and you might need a little practice to manage to stay at this speed for half an hour or for however long you want to work out. However, because you are not hitting the ground as fast as when running, speed walking will have a much lower impact on your joints and will prevent you from getting any injuries. Of course, you will need a high-quality pair of shoes to offer you the necessary support and prevent any possible soreness. The shoes need to be light and flexible, to allow your feet to rest comfortable inside of them and prevent that tingling sensation that appears whenever your toes are too tightly held together, inside your shoe.

As with any type of practice, power walking will require a few minutes of warming up your body and a few minutes to stretch and cool down at the end of the walking session. Moreover, to obtain the best possible results, doctors recommend power walking at least four times a week, and increasing the frequency over time. A good advice to achieve the optimal speed would be to pretend you are running late for work or for some other important appointment. However, do not begin walking as fast as you can right from the start. The best way of increasing the effectiveness of speed walking is to add speed intervals. Begin with normal walking and constantly increase the speed until you reach your maximum speed. Complete your power walk by gradually decreasing your speed until you reach your normal walking pace again.

With this being said, it is fair to say power waling is a very effective way of losing weight and staying in a good shape, without experiencing any of the discomforts produced by running. It is easier on joints and you will not have achy feet every time you finish your walk. In a world where more and more people fall prey to sedentariness, walking can be the solution for many of the common diseases of today’s society, such as obesity and heart conditions. When your body is healthy the effects are felt immediately. Power walking will give you more energy, help you lose weight and stay in a good overall shape.

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