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I regularly receive messages with a very similar title: how can I live by betting, Can I leave my job and dedicate myself to betting, Will I be able to make a living betting. If you have come this far it is because you want to get to live on the bets , make money thanks to your sports knowledge, be able to have money to give you those whims that your low payroll does not allow. If you want to know how to do it, read on. The initial illusion: nothing is what it seems when one enters into this world of sports betting, it is most likely that you will find yourself with a very particular betting profile. I refer to the figure of the first level bettor, the one who lives in a mansion on an island in the mediterranean, or the one who travels with his bmw to any sporting event held on the peninsula thanks to the money generated with his bets.

Yes, let's face it, when you start looking for professional tipsters and punters, the first thing you see are mere publicists trying to convey an unreal image of what sports betting is. Like good publicists, they attract a large number of followers, especially young and novice bettors who get caught up in their marketing strategies. Although this figure of the professional tipster is the first one that is seen, it is also the most unreal. This type of profiles are not of gamblers, but of publicists who work for the own bookmakers taking them potentially losing clients novices, for what they earn money yes, but not betting.

This causes the beginner to have a false perception of this world , which is dangerous for their interests. But calm, that there are also healthy people, although not as popular as advertisers, and it is in them that you have to fix. I want to live on the bets in addition to the dangers that threaten us through the apuestile networks, you must know another type of no less important dangers. The betting houses are an economic giant that generates a lot of money for the coffers of the state. Let's be frank, there is interest in maintaining the activity of the bookmakers, simply. If a country prevents a beneficial activity to a certain sector, companies in that sector will go to other countries.

This being so, and taking into account that bookmakers are nothing more than companies, there is no doubt that the "Bookies" have certain privileges to the detriment of bettors. One of them is the limits imposed by the betting houses on the winning players . If you start betting and lose money, nothing happens, you can continue to enter pasta to infinity. Do not even think about winning something. At the moment that the betting house with license in spain identifies you as a winning bettor, date for fucked up, and to show a button. The above publicist really win almost € 30,000 in three months, I imagine that if you are reading this, it is because you are a bit smart and you will already know the obvious answer.

This is the most that allows me to bet on a third division game which is supposed to be the best betting house in the world. In fact there is an association that has initiated a collective complaint against this bookmaker for these abusive behavior against consumers another type of stumbling block that we face against this giant is that of the abusive clauses that you sign when signing up with them . That you can close the account whenever you want, that you can recalculate the fee after betting on it, etc. In short, they can do whatever they want with you and your account.

We have: there are advertisers of the betting houses infiltrated as professional gamblers; bookies are free to limit you when you win you modify the quotas at your whim always in your favor do you still think it is possible to live on bets in spain. I can assure you that it is very difficult, not to say impossible. You could try it by performing tricks bet on the bookies, create accounts for your family, but I assure you that you will not have anything easy. Most likely, the first few months you start losing money, so I recommend you to bet very low amounts of money. Later, with more experience, you can increase your stake and start winning. Finally, when you have a nice 4-digit bank, you will be severely limited, like everyone else.

There are not many in number the benefits of betting on live, but the weight they have with respect to a simple bet, in my opinion, is brutal. First, the information in real time. When we bet on live, we have very valuable information in terms of betting, and we have it at the moment, in real time, what is happening right now in the game, how is it developing, many shots on target, many interruptions, any clearly dominant team. This information, which we do not have before the game, we all know is crucial when trying to predict what is going to happen in this game. Of the above, the only one that we can predict before starting with greater accuracy, is meteorology, and, even so, it is something changing and can fail.

Possession, attacks, etc. You can try to predict before the game, but I do not think the reliability is too high in most. Maybe there are certain games, where there is a notable difference in level between the teams, where we get the most out of the channel, and even then, there are times when it does not go where it should be. Therefore, having this information live, is something of incalculable value for the bettor. How to start in sports betting with a good foot and thus take on fewer risks in our new journey. This aimed both for those who have not yet made contact with the bookmakers and do not know where to start, and for those who, having started already, can not find the key to success to obtain monthly benefits by investing in sports bets.

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