Octopush – your chilling reinforcement against hot summers

Looking for new ways to chill yourself in the hot season? Going to the sea is an option. Swimming in the pool seems attractive enough. But how about having some fun, while killing the summer heat? Gather all your friends and start playing together as a team, the amazing octopush! It’s like hockey in the water, a true reinvigorating experience! The underwater hockey allows you to transform your own swimming pool into a hockey field. Touching the bottom of it, has never been funnier before!

Adequate equipment for the underwater hockey

First heard of in 1954, the Octopush was played in England, where all major sports are been created. You just need the adequate equipment, some friends and the hockey rules to start cooling in your own backyard pool. No need there is for you to wear a specific item, so you can jump into the game in your own swimming wear. However, you have to use a diving mask, a snorkel, fins, a stick, a puck and also hat, gloves and goals. The mask covers both the nose and also the ears, along with the eyes, so that you can last longer underwater, without feeling discomforts. The snorkel is for long lasting underwater sessions. You no longer have to go out and dive in again and again, because it’s easier to breathe, once you’re helped by a long snorkel. If you’re questioning about the fins, these help you swim faster and they are used in all underwater sports competitions, coming in a wide array of sizes and manufactured materials. Now, the real octopush equipment is consisted of a stick may it be white or black, which will help you move the puck all the way on the bottom of the swimming pool. This has to be short, on contrary to the ones encountered on the ice hockey games, due to the fact that it must move quickly underwater, being handier this way. The puck is different, too, being covered in plastic and the goal  has 3 meters width, being manufactured of aluminum, stainless steel or similar materials.

Game play for octopush participants

The two halves of 15 minutes are played by two opponent teams with six players each. Rules are very similar to the ice hockey, due to the fact that players feel free to explore the whole bottom area of a pool, in order to score a goal into the enemy’s gate. There should be a referee, so that the teams won’t fight about several decisions which may or may not be right.  Usually the players are divided into two main categories: three go for the offensive and the rest of the other three players have to cover the defensive region, situated behind the offensive. It’s the simplest way of game play and the one providing the most fun. Octopush is not seen as a national competition. It’s a way to kill the summer days with something refreshing, a team game connecting more people at once. If you’re an active person and you love diving into the water, then you’ll definitely enjoy this summer sport with your friends.

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