One of the greatest rivalries of all time: Federer vs Nadal

Competition is an essential element in all sports, making them more exciting for players, as well as fans. It is the basis of sports, we could say, and sometimes the main motivation. But throughout history there have been (or still are) some rivalries that have become legendary, each confrontation between the two sides being an unforgettable, breathtaking event that changed the way we perceive that sport. Each country has its own internal competition where fans are split in two halves, but there are some of the notable rivalries that are known all over the world. Although football/soccer is the sport generally regarded as the most competitive, there is one rivalry in tennis that makes crowds stand up and hold their breath: Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal.

This rivalry is possibly the most elegant in the world of tennis, perhaps in the world of sports. Federer (Switzerland) and Nadal (Spain), who are beginning to gain the reputation of the best tennis players in the world, have raised this sport to the rank of art, each match between the two becoming a historical event. Although quite different in terms of playing style, the two talk highly of each other and are equally brilliant. At the moment no sports critic can tell for sure which is the best, because they perform differently, depending on the court type.

Roger and Rafael have played together 28 times in international competitions, 19 of which were in finals, and match after match the interest in their rivalry increased, reaching astronomical levels. Statistically speaking, Nadal is in the lead, with 18 won matches. Some argue that this ratio is due to the fact that most of these encounters were on clay- “Rafa”’s best surface and Roger’s weak point. Federer, on the other hand, is almost unbeatable on hard courts, both internal and external. As far as their styles are concerned, Nadal’s topspin is particularly challenging on clay, but Federer’s fast serving speed makes him a considerable challenge on grass and hard surfaces.

Given this heated competition, one might think that the rivalry has gone beyond the tennis court. This is not the case here, because the two players have always shown great respect and admiration in public. None of them have claimed to be better than the other and always remind fans that the competition is what pushes them forward and helps them evolve. Nadal, who is five years younger, admires and is inspired by Federer’s career. The two of them have even played together for humanitarian purposes, such as the famous Match for Africa (2010).
All in all, there is not yet an answer as to which is the best, although the simple mentioning of this controversial topic to a tennis fan will heat him up and start a very animated conversation. One thing is for sure, though: thanks to such a beautiful competition, tennis has become a more popular sport and the two have even become role models, an inspiration for anyone who want to pursue tennis as a career or as a hobby.

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