The British and Irish Lions is a popular rugby union team formed by eligible players selected from any of the Home Unions and Ireland. This Test side generally selects international players and uncapped players from the four unions and tours every four years.  The Lions lost in 2009 to South Africa and won the 2013 Test series with 2-1 over Australia, while preparations for the next tour to New Zealand that will be held in 2017 are already undergone.  Fans that wish to book a seat at the British and Irish Lions matches in 2017 can already purchase a priority pass and enjoy the benefits. Combined rugby sides from the UK and Ireland have started to tour the southern hemisphere since 1888 and the tradition is upheld even now with a Test every four years. The popularity of the competition is undeniable, while the 2017 British Lions Tour has started selling tickets to enthusiastic fans all over the world. The tour is a great experience for the players and fans alike. The British Lions enjoys a great popularity, so fans prefer to book priorities passes to ensure a spot to Test matches than buying regular tickets.


 What is the Priority Pass?

The priority access pass is the only way you can secure your place on Tour to New Zealand. If you are a fan of the British Lions and wish to guarantee your spot, the priority pass is your best option. This pass will not only guarantee your place, it will also allow you to choose a tour experience when the ticket inclusive packages are released. The Lions go all the way for their fans, so the package will include flights and hotel options besides the official match tickets. With the pass fans will secure a spot in front of the queue like a VIP and guarantees access to hotels and flight options, not to mention that it will also ensure a meeting with the British & Irish Lions head coach. The price for the Priority pass is £250 and the money are refundable.

Why get the Priority Pass?

In 2013 the number of applications from fans that wished to go to the 125th anniversary tour to Australia was in the tens of thousands, so fans that intend to follow their favourite team to New Zealand in 2017 should start thinking about booking their seats from now. It is almost certain that the interest in the next Test will be even higher, so the only way you can ensure that you will be able to see the Lions playing will be through the Priority Access Pass, as it will allow you to get to the front of the queue. What is more, if you wish to find accommodation close to the smaller stadiums, you will have a hard time, but the priority pass will offer access to premium accommodation. The Priority Pass is also a way of increasing your chances of becoming part of the exclusive pre-tour events and maybe meet the legends in person.

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