Real Madrid transfers 9-year-old Japanese genius

Real Madrid, one of Europe’s most prestigious and financially strongest clubs in the last decades is not only making huge investments in the present, but is also concerned about ensuring the future. For that purpose, the officials of the Spanish team have decided to adopt a new policy and to invest in young football players, who hopefully will become world stars after being both physically and mentally raised at their own football academy. This is a strategy that has been somehow neglected in the past years by the multiple Champions League winners, who preferred to spend substantial amounts of money on valuable, established players. Unfortunately, this tactic has proven its limits many times and great midfielders or strikers brought in the capital of Spain have failed to adapt and therefore to create a big impact on the development of the team. The Spaniards have transferred Takuhiro Nakai, a 9-year-old Japanese player considered to be the next sensation in the football world.

Real’s officials bought the wonder kid from Japan after viewing the incredible skills Takuhiro possesses and after making sure this is an important step in changing their strategy and giving more chances to young players willing and capable of adjusting to the Spanish environment. Of course, growlers aren’t completely convinced of this theory and have come up with another one, contradictory to the above mentioned suppositions: the club presided by Florentino Perez just wanted to answer back to their biggest rivals, Barcelona, who had already signed their own wonder kind from Japan, 11-year-old Takefusa Kubo. Of course, Real Madrid responded and found these allegations entirely speculative, considering that only people with lot of free time on their hand can imagine such a thing. As for their 9-year-old signing, he is a star in his country for a couple of years due to his technical skills that have amazed the Asian world. But moving to Real Madrid, to a completely different world in terms of football, culture and social environment, might be tougher than expected for the young genius.

It is hard to predict whether „Pipi“, his nickname, will manage to adapt to the new requirements and ultimately become the new Cristiano Ronaldo, as it may be equally difficult for Takefusa Kobo, the other Japanese genius transferred by the Catalan club FC Barcelona. Of course, the odds that one of the most important derbies in the history of football, the match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, will end up being decided by the touches of genius of two Asian players are considerably high. Both clubs know how to raise youngsters, how to cultivate a proper football mentality and to induce them the sense of responsibility at an early stage. This process of creating new stars is definitely worth following and, if everything is done by the book, the chances of seeing in a couple of years a duel between the new Messi and the new Ronaldo in their Japanese versions are pretty high.

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