Recent English football transfers for the Premiership tournament

Ready to find out what football transfers the English football clubs have been dealing with in 2012? Then follow the next lines to receive all the details regarding twenty of the best English football teams. Apart from being an informed fan, you also have a better version over your bets, due to the fact that predictions are easier to make once you’re informed with the recent English football transfers. Premiership is that annual competition where the 20 FC are fighting to win the tournament. It’s the same battle, the same period on time, yet different positions on the leader board. Investments and injuries make a difference, so here’s what the managers have been up to since the beginning of the current year.

Starting with Tottenham Hotspur
, they’ve been quite fast getting Ryan Nelsen on the team for free, straight at the beginning of the year. He is the former player from Blackburn Rovers and he got transferred on the 3rd of February straight to the Hotspur team. Unfortunately their next move was to grab the talented 20-year Brazilian, Bruno Uvini – the defender of Sao Paulo, but they’ve only managed to loan him for three and a half months, for now. Though the player was initially thinking of signing a permanent deal in the summer, things got another turn. Later, on the 4th of July the Hotspur managed to make their first purchase, an investment of 8 million pounds on Gylfi Sigurðsson from Hoffenheim. Emmanuel Adebayor from Manchester City was willing enough to seal the deal with Tottenham for 5 million pounds, though his previous team has won the annual competition last season. Fulham gave away their American player, Clint Dempsey for 6 million pounds, also having an undisclosed deal with another of their team’s member. The biggest investment Tottenham did in their English football transfers comes with the French player Hugo Lloris, paying 11.8 million pounds for this decision. With the 30.8 million pounds as an investment and new players, Tottenham decides to renounce to some of his old members such as Rafael van der Vaart, Luka Modri?, Steven Pienaar and Niko Kranj?ar for the total amount of 50.25 million pounds which covered the investment. Other players were rented for English teams and other football competitions.

Liverpool, poor on investments. This football club just doesn’t seem to get the needed strength to climb back among the top winners. They’re purchased Fabio Borini from Rome in exchange of 10.5 million pounds and they’ve managed to loan Nuri ?ahin from Madrid. On the other hand, they’ve given away plenty of their players as a loan, for free, even selling some of them. Dirk Kuyt was worth just 1 million pounds and Charlie Adam was given for 5 million pounds. With a bit of math you can tell the manager did some bad investments and now he needs to cover up his costs.

Everton, great at sealing deals. They’ve taken Francisco Junior from Manchester City and Jake Adelson, a former Blacktown City player, followed up by Steven Naismith from Rangers for free! They’ve however invested in Steven Pienaar from Tottenham the amount of 4.5 million pounds and 6 million pounds in Kevin Mirallas, followed by another £5m which represent the purchase of Bryan Oviedo.

£2m, the total investment of QPR. Though they’ve taken several football players into their team, Queen Park Rangers have only given £2m for the English football transfers. Park Ji-Sung came from Manchester United, while the rest José Bosingwa , Sam Magri, Robert Green, Ryan Nelsen , Andrew Johnson and Petros Skapetis have been taken for granted.

Fulham, a draw investment with QPR. Just like their competitors, Fulham have made a single investment of merely £2m for the former Sunderland player, Kieran Richardson. Other English football transfers have been made for free and so many players began to be part of Fulham, players such as: Hugo Rodallega, Mladen Petri? and Mahamadou Diarra.

Chelsea, the biggest English football transfers investor.  The highest bidder is no other than Chelsea with their huge investment in football. They’ve given away £45.5m for a good cause- the aspiration to this annual Premiership winners. César Azpilicueta came for 6.5 million pounds, Marko Marin was purchased for 7 million pounds, while the French player, Eden Hazard joined the football club for 32 million pounds. High expectations await for these players and so far, these investments have placed Chelsea on the first place in the Premiership confrontations up to present.

Former champion Manchester City makes his move. Loaded with the thrill of winning the last season, Man City wants to continue the victory. 12 million pounds were spent on Jack Rodwell, the Everton player, followed by other £16m on Francisco Javier García  and £10m for Matija Nastasi?. But the costs didn’t stop here. Man City also gave £6.2m for the Swansea player, Scott Sinclair and Richard Wright joined the team for free. With these changes happening, will they be strong enough to remain on the first position?

Manchester United, back in business. With just two valuable purchases, Man Utd is going for the long shot. It took £24m to convince Robin van Persie from Arsenal to sing with them and another £100k so that Sean Goss would come along. Man Utd believes that it’s best to have young players to coach them into becoming professionals, rather than spending large amounts of money on players who only have left with their names on T-shirts.

So far, here’s the first part of the English football transfers made this year, to encourage teams into fighting for the annual title or at least for a higher position. Stay tuned for part 2, if you’re interested in football matches or in betting tips.

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