Scuba diving, a thrilling underwater sport

Getting to know what goes on underwater is man’s greatest desire. Scuba diving has become the means through which this wish can become a reality. The sea is a new world, in which man cannot prolong his visit. Knowing so little is what makes the curiosity grow. Lately, more and more people seem to be fascinated by scuba diving , even though diving was around since the 18th century.

There were certain debates whether this is sport or not. The main argument was that it did not imply effort. It is true, it is a rather lazy sport, but you need to do as little movement as possible in order to maintain a certain level of oxygen. Also, there are concerns about training, about the idea of team, records, competitions. Here are some reasons for which scuba diving can definitely be in the most dangerous sports category.

First of all, not everyone is suited for scuba diving. The ones that are interested in diving have to undergo a training. You need to be physically prepared to carry the breathing apparatus on your back, which is rather heavy. You have to learn how to breath underwater on your own and with the apparatus. Compressed air can have side effects on a person’s health, like dizziness or convulsions. When you are dealing  with a scuba equipment you must never keep your breath, otherwise  you could cause serious damage to your lungs. This is why many people give up on diving, they panic easily.


Furthermore, as far as the team is considered,  you need at least one other person to help you gear up. Not to mention that it is no fun to do this on your own. The sea is still unknown to the human beings, so it’s best to have someone to help you in case something goes wrong. There are records that have been established by professional divers, there are even important competitions organized, like ‘The Ultimate Diver Competition’. So, scuba diving doesn’t always mean relaxation and communicating with the fish. It means thrill, danger and competition as well. Even a personal experience, between yourself and and your partner can lead to a small contest.

Scuba diving is just as much a sport as any other, if not even more. Becoming a professional diver means taking care of everything in your life. You have to start investing some money, because this is not a cheap sport. Start working on your figure. If you are not in a great shape, you have no chance in practicing this sport. A healthy lifestyle, that includes exercise, healthy food and an inner balance, is what  anyone needs to take on this sport. Scuba diving is definitely for the most passionate ones, but in the end if a sport is not among your hobbies, then you stand no chance in becoming great at it. Going underwater and experiencing moments of complete silence and calm is the solution in keeping the stress away. So, scuba diving in three words is health, thrill and knowledge.

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