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Secure bets mixing pre-match bets and live matches this is a pretty normal promotion at betting houses. They usually offer it to, in a certain way, promote their live or live version and, on the other hand, they also offer it as a possibility to perform certain coverage during the game. Suppose that a betting house, for example Bet365, wants to boost your business live or live; for this, he will offer a bet with insurance, but only for those who have previously participated in a pre-game bet, and what they are going to do is ensure the live bet . Normally this live bet will be used as a possible way to cover our backs, although there are people who can use it indiscriminately to increase their exposure in the bet.

There is no possible tie, in the pre-game we have bet that Real Madrid wins, Bet offers us a safe bet live, Real is winning 20 at the break, the probability of winning Madrid is very big; a person could think about using the safe bet live, betting on the Barcelona, and so, if anything happens, it is guaranteed to earn money; another person can decide that it is worthwhile to use the safe bet to bet a little more for Real my experience tells me that it is best to use safe bets as a form of betting coverage. The bets are a science and there are real calculators and spiders that track all the bookmakers looking for surebets. Moreover, I would say that the bookmakers themselves use them to analyze their competition and prevent tipsters from arbitrating in bets.

But the truth is that it is complicated to make bets, it is exclusive ground for the most experienced. It is not easy to detect combinations of favorable quotas. If you place live bets, it is more feasible to detect combinations of favorable quotas by consulting different houses and, of course, if you place cross bets. The technique of refereeing sports betting and making bets guarantees us benefits, but they are not easy to detect and, in addition, their returns are usually relatively small. Welcome bonuses and secure bets one of the tips is to use the bookmaker's bonuses to make a kind of safe bet. Many times with the welcome bonus they will offer us an amount as a bonus.

If you register in a betting house and have an account in another one, with a bit of expertise you can make coverages to the bet that you are going to make in the betting house that you just registered. Other bookmakers are betting on the refund bonuses on your first bet; instead of granting the classic welcome bonus of 100% of your first deposit, what they offer you is the refund of the played up to a maximum, if you fail your first bet. This is the case of Paf or Suertia . You can also follow a strategy similar to the one described above to release the welcome bonuses. Now you must bet the amount of the refund in case you miss your bet to a fee close to 2.0 and you will cover that bet in another betting house.

Bets happen because in the end a betting house can assume certain levels of risk and, from them, what it does is change the quota. With the previous example, if you realize , being will have many people from a bookmaker sportium betting on his victory. Sportium, to avoid problems, lowers the fee to which Nadal's victory is paid and Federer's victory goes up; That's when the Surebet is produced. The yield in sports betting: everything you need to know do not you know what the yield is no problem! If there is one thing we often repeat in Apuestasfree to our friends and followers is that one of the best ways to make better bets and win more often and more money - is to know everything you can about the operation of bets and their terminology, sports, competitions and markets that you bet on. The more, the better. If you remember the famous saying information is power, it is the same as saying knowledge is power.

Therefore, if you are fond of sports betting, there are certain terms of the world that you should know to deepen and make yourself more expert every day. One of those terms is the Yield . Today we explain what it means, what it is and how to calculate it. It will be very useful to make the most of the advantages of managing it, because the yield tells us what benefits we are going to have in a bet or, what is the same, whether it is worth it or not. This post is part of our section sports Betting , where you can solve many other questions about specific terms of sports betting

Sometimes it is considered that if the yield percentage is low, the benefit of the bet will not be interesting or sufficient. This is not entirely true, because if it is constant in the rest of the bets, in total we have a more than acceptable benefit. In any case, 5% or 10% is a good yield. It does not seem like much, but we assure you that it is a positive percentage that not many bettors reach. In addition to the title of Pearl Jam's fifth studio album, Yield is an economic term in its original English that explains the proportional performance of the benefits of an economic activity . In our case, that of sports betting, the yield tells us the profitability or the profit that we can get or get in a bet.

It is the percentage of performance we get for the proportional part that we bet and for more information visit here , The yield must always be positive or we will be losing money with our bet. Another thing to keep in mind is that the bigger the bet, the greater the benefits will be if you get it right, logically. But also the losses if you do not succeed. That is, the possible benefits and possible losses are proportional to the bet. The yield comes into play here because if you want to increase the profits of the bets you make, it is essential to know that this concept exists and how to calculate it: in this way, you will know whether or not you are making a good bet with an interesting performance or not the sorrow.

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