Sports injuries brought to court: what are the requirements?

There are plenty of individuals, who practice all kinds of sporting activities on a daily basis for their health or simply to stay in shape. Lately this has been quite the concern for people, but most of them practice sports as leisure activities. There are however athletes that have decided to make a living from their passion. Professional athletes that are truly skilful can earn surprising amounts of money, being highly rewarded for their results on the field. Being able to play your favourite sport and getting paid for this is any man’s dream. However, there are disadvantages in this line of work and one of them is the constant risk of being severely injured on the field. Suffering an injury could make you retire and your entire life is simply turned upside down. Of course, your reaction is to seek the assistance of the best accident injury lawyer Ottawa, New York, Washington has and let the court decide.


Still, there is only one flaw in your plan. When it comes to sports injuries, it is rather difficult to find a guilty party, other than yourself. Normally, it is thought that athletes assume the risk of sports injuries in the moment they step on the field and the court does not find the basis of such a case. Furthermore, there are situations in which the contracts signed by athletes actually have a clause on this topic. Still, there are a few cases in which the injured party could have chances of actually winning the case. Here are the requirements athletes have to fulfil in order for their situations to be revised by a judge, in a court of law. A way to prove that the injury the athlete has suffered is actually different from regular cases is by placing the responsibility on a different individual. In other words, your case should be built on the idea of negligence. For instance, the athlete could argue that it was the fault of the coach, for instance, if it is in fact the case. So, the adequate approach is proving that safety rules were not properly followed and that this negligence has finally led to the injury suffered by the plaintiff. Another situation would be regarding intention. However, this is relevant solely in the case of contact sports like boxing or martial arts. If the accident injury lawyer can prove that it was not the nature of sport that has caused the trauma, but the clear intentions of the opponent, then your case stands a chance in the court of law.


It is very difficult to prove that an injury suffered by an athlete is not in fact his or her fault. When becoming part of the great world of sports, you have to be prepared for accidents. This is reality. However, if you feel that your case fits in one of the two categories mentioned above, then seek a professional, experienced lawyer and begin your fight. As it is said, the truth always prevails, so embark on this journey together with a partner you can trust in.

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