The Atlanta Hawks- short history and future predictions

Although all sports are competitive and exciting, basketball is perhaps the most beloved. For most men there can be no greater gift than Friday night tickets at a NBA game. Furthermore women are also starting to share the enthusiasm for this type of sport. Each season brings new challenges and turns of events. One of the least lucky teams is the Atlanta Hawks. Despite the constant cheering this team has had a hard time making a name for itself. In order to anticipate the future development of this team there are a few things that need to be considered.

  • Short history

The Atlanta Hawks are part of the Eastern Conference of the Southeast Division within the NBA. Although the team was established nearly 70 years ago it has not had the best luck. At first it was named the Buffalo Bisons. Over the years they moved from state to state and they ultimately set camp in Georgia where they became the Atlanta Hawks. Although the team has suffered numerous name, changes, re-locations and transformations one thing has always remained constant. So far they have never won an NBA title.

  • Team support.

Many fans believe that the reason for this is the team’s constant bad luck in the drafting lottery. Regardless of the fact that the team has never won a title, true supporters buy Atlanta Hawks Tickets each time the team is playing. One can only hope that the constant cheering will eventually lead to a much expected victory.

  • Team additions

As the 2013 NBA drafts approach numerous debates are taking place regarding the possible additions to the Atlanta Hawks. While the draft order is still unknown predictions are already being made and everybody is getting familiar with the most desired players. Nineteen years old Dario Saric from Croatia is one of the new kids on the block. Despite his young age, his skills have been noticed by everybody. Although it is still unclear whether or not he will participate in the draft, no one can’t argue with the fact that he would be a great addition to the Atlanta Hawks. Other projections include Jamaal Franklin from San Diego State.

  • Upcoming games

Numerous young talents as well as consecrated players are up for grabs this year and one can only hope that the Hawks’ luck will change. Regardless of the multiple disappointment the fans have not lost hope that one day the team will win an NBA title. The Philips Arena will be alive with the cheers of the crowd as the Milwaukee Bucks and the Atlanta Hawks will face out on Friday. Furthermore next week will bring a confrontation between the Hawks and the Toronto Raptors. Both the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto raptors are good teams and the Atlanta Hawks will have a hard time competing against them.

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