The benefits of acupuncture for athletes

Athletes are constantly under a lot of pressure. Whether they are in the middle of a competition or tournament or they simply preparing for the next one, they can’t afford to lose time, to sit back and relax, because that means they go out of shape. To that extent, their body is continuously worked and their muscles stressed, so they need effective ways to prevent exhaustion and injury. Most athletes use physiotherapy, which, even though many see it as a recovery method, can also be used for prevention. However, there are other ways an athlete can take care of his or her body and medical acupuncture is one of the most popular methods used in the recent years. There are several acupuncture Ottawa sports clinics and centres and they all talk about the multiple and various benefits of this approach. There is also plenty of information available online, for those who are not yet convinced of what acupuncture can do for them and a quick and simple web search will reveal several reliable sources.


Of course, acupuncture can be used in conjunction with different other types of sports medicine, so just because an athlete goes to acupuncture Ottawa sessions, it doesn’t mean that physical therapy, stretching or even chiropractic are out of the question. Anyway, one of the first things athletes will notice upon taking acupuncture is that they don’t feel as anxious as before. Reducing the anxiety levels, as well as stress levels, is one of the main benefits of this type of therapy. Due to the fact that athletes are no longer so stressed and anxious, they can become more focused, which improves their performance overall. Another great advantage of this approach is that it strengthens the immune system, as studies have shown that needles going into one’s body improve its immune-cell function, because they help the brain increase the levels of T-cells. In addition, acupuncture also helps with sleep issues, whether regular insomnia or simply waking up throughout the night, both of which lead to lack of proper rest and we all know that proper rest is essential for athletes.


As mentioned above, acupuncture can be used both as a preventive method, but also as a recovery one, so athletes who have suffered injuries can significantly speed up the recovery time by visiting acupuncture Ottawa centres. By receiving acupuncture for muscle sourness and for any type of injury, athletes can accelerate the healing process and actually experience less pain, which is the number 1 factor in determining just how fast or slow an athlete can recover after an injury. The bottom line is that, although physical therapy and sports medicine are not to be ignored and dismissed, there are several alternative ways that help athletes improve performance and take good care of their bodies and acupuncture is a very important one, bringing a wide range of advantages to an athlete.

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