The benefits of acupuncture for athletes

For many people, the concept of acupuncture leads them to mental images of Chinese healers, which is not all that odd, considering that medical acupuncture today was developed from the classical Chinese acupuncture, but today’s approach is a lot more modern, as you can imagine. As far as athletes are concerned, it is a well-known fact that physiotherapy is an important part of their professional lives, but acupuncture is a fairly new addition among them. However, there are important international names, such as Matt Hasselbeck in the NFL or hockey superstar Jaromir Jagr, not to mention that all ballet dancers everywhere swear by it. In Canada, there are several Ottawa acupuncture clinics that specialize in athlete physiotherapy, so Canadian athletes have several choices when it comes to finding a good physiotherapy center, such as, a selection process that should be conducted with extra care and attention to details.


As mentioned above, acupuncture has numerous and various benefits for athletes, the most important of which is the fact that it is a highly effective treatment for sports injuries. It is also a time-tested treatment, as Ottawa acupuncture specialists have been using it to treat athletes who have suffered injuries for some time now. The treatment deals not only with pain, although it is greatly efficient when it comes to relieving pain, but it also accelerates healing, which is an essential aspect for athletes, as they cannot afford wasting time, sitting on the bench. Not only that, but physiotherapy treatments that include acupuncture have been proven to increase the range of motion, again an important issue for the career of an athlete. The way acupuncture is able to achieve all these is that it decreases inflammation, bruising and swelling, therefore relaxing muscles and relieving spasms. As a result, the body’s response to pain is lowered and circulation is improved. There have been multiple clinical studies conducted in the last few years and they showed that acupuncture truly offers a significant level of pain relief for a varied range of conditions and they’ve also showed that it is a completely safe treatment option.


Although acupuncture is great for pain, which means it is also great for athletes, its benefits do not reduce to pain relief after an injury has been suffered, as it is most beneficial while training, before an actual injury has been sustained. The reason for that is because acupuncture has the power of naturally boosting one’s energy levels and improving overall performance levels. To that effect, athletes who include acupuncture in their training programs have better results and experience fewer injuries. Add to that the fact that acupuncture improves sleep and you get the recipe for success for athletes in all fields. The bottom line is that this type of physiotherapy has enormous benefits for the life and body of athlete, so they should make sure to incorporate Ottawa acupuncture treatments in their regimens if they want impressive results.

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