The features of high quality athletic socks

Athletes of all kinds, whether runners, football players or tennis players, put a lot of strain on their feet. During any type of intense physical activity, the feet sweat and all that moisture leads to friction between the foot, the shoe and the sock. High friction forces together with moisture lead to increased heat on the surface of the feet, which will eventually lead to the formation and blisters and other feet ailments. Blisters are the worth thing that can happen during training, exercise or sporting competition, as not only they cause great discomfort to athletes, but they can also lead to more serious conditions, such as infections. To that extent, many athletes choose their socks very carefully and many of them also resort to specially designed athletic socks that are meant to prevent such ailments. If you are interested in these products, affordable athletic socks can be found even online, on websites and web stores that specialize in the field.

In order to make sure that you purchase not only affordable athletic socks, but also high quality ones, there are a couple of features that you should pay attention to. First of all, the fabric of the socks is utterly important. While many people might believe that the best socks for physically demanding activities are cotton socks, professional athletes know that cotton absorbs all the moisture and the socks become highly abrasive, causing more friction, which is not desirable. The best fabric for athletic socks is a nylon based textile, similar to that used in the manufacturing of women’s stocking. However, this fabric should have hydrophobic properties, in order to be able to reduce moisture and transfer the sweat from the surface of the feet to the outer surface of the socks. This way, not only is moisture decreased, but also friction between the foot and the shoe is stopped. As a result, the two most threatening causes of blister formation are eliminated right at the root and athletes can perform at maximum potential, without any discomfort or problem.


Another feature of blister prevention socks for athletes is being ultra thin. These socks are not the ones you see athletes wearing, those that are part of the sportswear. The socks that help athletes’ feet remain dry, cool and blister free are usually worn underneath the sports socks from the sports gear. For this reason, they should be ultra thin, so that they don’t bother the athlete. However, the fabric should be strong, so that they don’t tear either. Even if they do, these blister prevention socks are not expensive and you can find affordable athletic socks at specialized stores, but also online. If you are not sure about their effects, their benefits or which socks are the best for you, you can talk to a podiatrist or ask around, as for sure other athletes are already using such a product.

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