The latest weekend football betting tips

As the weekend is coming closer, it is the perfect time to start thinking how you will relax. If you are a football fan, then you probably know that many exciting matches are near, both in your country, but also in international championships. It’s a great opportunity to have some fun cheering for your team, but if you are also into betting, then you can also earn some money at the same time. To boost the chances of having a winning ticket, you are probably looking for some informative weekend football tips for the games that start on October 20th. Here are the latest highlights:

Premier League
It’s a very interesting weekend in England, as some exciting games are announced. First, the game opening the weekend is Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur. Chelsea has had a very good season start, being the first in the league up until now, so the Spurs will have a though time, because their opponents are favourites. Another outcome relatively easy to predict is the one between Manchester United and Stroke. Currently in second place, Manchester is believed to have an easy job on Old Trafford. A tighter game is the one between Manchester City and West Brom. In the standings, there are only two teams and one point between them, so this match will be very interesting to watch.

La Liga
The weekend starting on October 20 will bring some excitement if you plan on watching some matches from the Spanish La Liga (Primera Division). Also, you might also end up with some extra money, because there are a few tips about them. Professional punters tend to agree on one topic for this weekend: the first three teams are most likely to remain in their positions, with no spectacular turns of events. The current champion, FC Barcelona, plays away against Deportivo la Coruna, but still is not expected to struggle for a victory. Team no 2, Atletico Madrid, will probably also be very relaxed in the match against Real Sociedad. Ranking the fifth, to the disappointment of fans, is Real Madrid, but here’s a betting tip: after stopping Barcelona’s row a victories with a 2-2, their mood has improved and it’s possible for them to beat Celta de Vigo and go up in the table.

Serie A
In Italy, there is one match that dominates the weekend, and that is between the teams ranking number one and two: Juventus and Napoli. Both teams are in very good shape and especially because Juventus won the Supercup, their opponents are probably looking forward to making a comeback and dethroning them.

The Germans also might witness some changes in the fixtures, as teams number three and four, Belorussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 are getting ready to confront each other on Signal Iduna Park. Having similar performances, the outcome just might be a surpise.

No matter what matches you are going to watch and bet on, remember to read the latest weekend football betting tips from many sources and invest money wisely.

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