The new faces of the 2012/2013 Italian football

The Italian football industry has been the place of many scandals in the past decade, but even so, Serie A remains one of the most popular and beloved leagues all over the world and football fans across the globe follow its every move. The Serie A matches are intense and exciting, the club teams have thousand and thousands of fans everywhere who not only can’t wait to watch their favorite’s next match, but also take a leap of faith and back their teams in various betting markets. The truth is that the face of the Italian football has changed significantly over the years and one can safely assert that Serie A matches are now a lot more thrilling and intriguing, as we see small clubs like Udinese or Palermo agitating the order at the very top of the Italian standings. To that extent, staying in touch with the latest changes, news and transfers that take place in this championship becomes essential for the football fans and the passionate bettors, who are hungry for information with regard to the newest Italy football transfers or even rumors about loans and developments.

Leaving suppositions and innuendos aside, plenty of changes have already taken place in the Serie A and most teams have already closed their share of transfers, starting with the head of the standings, Juventus, and ending with its major opponent, AC Milan. The recently ascending Juventus club closed no less than 11 transfers for the 2012 – 2013 season, starting with Brescia’s goalkeeper, Nicola Leali, and Parma’s attacker, Sebastian Giovinco, who’s 11 million price proved to be worth it in Juve’s last Champions League match against the Shakhtar Donetsk. The next in line in terms of expensive is Mauricio Isla, a midfielder who came from Udinese for no less than 9.4 million euro, followed closely by Kwadwo Asamoah, another midfielder from Udinese, for whom Juventus paid 9 millions. Defender Martin Caceres came from Sevilla for 8 million euro, while midfielder Giaccherini from Cesena was only 4.25 millions.


The list of Italy football transfers can go on with more or less impressive sums, although many of the transfer amounts were undisclosed. However, the most pricey disclosed transfer was made by Palermo, which is close to the bottom of the standings, on the 16th position, the club acquiring Argentine attacker Paulo Dybala from Instituto for 12 million euro. At the opposite end, except for the free transfers, the cheapest move of the 2012/2013 Italy football transfers was Roma’s purchase of midfielder Jonathan Lucca from Internacional, who only cost 700 000 euro. Just slightly higher in rank, the Romanian midfielder Adrian Stoian from Bari was transferred to Roma as well for 1.2 millions, while Fiorentina paid 1.5 million euro for Ahmed Hegazy, a defender from Ismaily.


This is only a fraction of the Italy football transfers that took place this year, as the majority of Italian clubs were highly active when it came to transfers, so there’s a lot to keep up with for the teams’ fans or the Italian football enthusiasts. The numerous transfers in Serie A and the high commotion around them are most probably due to the fact that Italian clubs often exercise the co-ownership feature, which allows them to loan players to other teams, while still reserving their right to buy them back.

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