The secret to treating arthritis successfully

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from arthritis, a condition in which stiffness and pain of leg muscles become very difficult to endure. All those who suffer from this problem are on heavy pain medication and they still have to deal with constant pain at all times. Fortunately, there are a few other things that they can try before throwing in the towel, the type of treatment that all Ottawa physiotherapy clinics can offer: physiotherapy and massage therapy. Even though it may not seem like something that could give results when it comes to chronic pain, the fact is that many people have found relief in these two therapies and if you are among those who suffers from arthritis, you should definitely give this treatment a chance.


Basically, through massage the effected muscles and joints are manipulated and relaxed, thus improving the movement and stimulating the blood flow in that area. There are so many research studies that prove the effectiveness of massage therapy. In fact, most people suffering from knee arthritis observe considerable improvements in their pain levels after about two months of treatment. Problems such as knee pain and joint stiffness are considerably reduced and patients can even lower their medication treatment. In addition, those who suffer from hand arthritis can alleviate their pain with just 15 minutes of massage every day. Let your problem in the hands of a specialist and you will definitely notice some improvements after a few sessions.


The main thing is to persevere because results will not appear after just one session. In many situations, the massage will break down the tissues that have swollen around the joint and cause so much pain. You will probably notice a slight improvement in pain after every session, but the longer you continue to visit your massage therapist, the more your pain levels will diminish and eventually, you will be able to let go of all the pain medication you are currently taking. The great part about massage therapy is that it will not interact with any other treatment you may take, so you do not have to give up anything to try it. Arthritis is a condition that can wear a person at an emotional level, because there is always the stress that the pain can come back any moment. Fortunately massage therapy can eliminate this stress from a person’s life altogether and help anyone reduce their pain levels considerably.

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