The Zumba craze Dance away calories!

Although Zumba was invented two decades ago, it is getting attention now, as more and more people discover that it is an exciting Latin dance which helps you stay in a great shape and gives you a positive state of mind. Zumba is actually exercise in disguise because it offers a complete workout by taking a combination of movements and intertwining them with Latin music or other great rhythms. You melt away pounds and inches, improve your flexibility and tone your muscle, while you have a lot of fun!

The word “zumba” originates from a Colombian slang word that means “to move fast” and this is exactly what you do when you move on merengue, salsa, mambo, flamenco and calypso rhythms. With Zumba Fitness, you maintain a high-cardio rate throughout the entire routine, so this is one of the most efficient  ways to burn calories and keep them away, to eliminate stress and enjoy a boost of energy. Dancing is not only an entertaining activity, but also the most enjoyable way to stay in a fantastic shape – even to lose pounds and inches and work muscles that normally are neglected with other workout routines. Forget about starvation and crushing diet plans, about jumping on treadmills or sweating like crazy on all sorts of machines at the gym! Now you can work out all the areas of your body and shed pounds, while you move like a star all over the dance floor.

Do you know that the Zumba Fitness motto is “ditch workout, join the party”? Of course, this is not completely true, but at least this is one of the most effective fitness programs and also the only that enables you to become a better dancer with great moves that you can use anytime you hit the town with your friends. Health and fitness should not be something overwhelming; they should rather be essential elements of a pleasant daily routine, of an interesting and diverse lifestyle. And Zumba Fitness puts you on the fast track towards a healthy lifestyle, for it is based on principles such as enjoying participation, living diversity and taking an active role in maintain a good physical and emotional health. No matter what kind of program you choose, they are all uplifting and energetic, not to mention that if you combine them with a healthy diet, you will easily reach and maintain your weight goals and  see how your energy levels increase on a daily basis. In addition, you can also buy a heart monitor that will give a  better control over the calories burned and the intensity levels during your Zumba Fitness routine, although your instructor will teach your a wide range of steps and moves that match all these levels.

When you join a Zumba Fitness class, you don’t need skills and grace, because this is something that you can obtain at your own peace. Once you master the basis, you can give free rein to your imagination and create your own routine that address more specific goals. And if your daily program doesn’t allow you to join Zumba classes, you can always go online and purchase exercise DVDs or watch free videos and tutorials and practice it at the convenience of your home. Some of these materials, as well as some Zumba classes are especially designed for kids and senior students, and they even  combine dancing with swimming – aqua Zumba, which makes Zumba Fitness suitable for anyone who wants to improve his lifestyle. This is the biggest sensation that hit the gym in the last years so go with the flow and dance for a healthy and happy life!

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