Three efficient workouts that can help you lose weight

Losing weight is a common concern for a lot of people. If you are one of those individuals who have always striven to get rid of some extra pounds, then you probably understand the struggle. Of course, a rigorous training plan and a clean eating routine will eventually deliver the expected results, but you may see that this takes a lot of time and is very demotivating. However, the first step towards your dream body should be going to the gym. There, you will discover a team of professionals willing to help you and you will also have access to fitness and zumba classes in Modbury. You can design any program you want, but here are three of the most efficient exercises you should definitely include in your plan:


Believe it or not, zumba is one of the most efficient trainings recommended for weight loss. This type of exercise has become more and more popular in the past years, since it is not only fun but also extremely effective. Inspired from Latino dances, the activity takes place as group classes, enabling participants to get creative while also respecting the patterns imposed by the fitness instructor. Each person can choose their rhythm and style, depending on their level of experience and on the results they want to achieve. Of course, it may take a couple of sessions before you learn the basic moves, but once you master them, your transformation will begin right away. Unlike other exercising programs, this one combines work with fun, helping you burn calories and lose weight quite fast.


This type of training is very popular, but a lot of people are complaining it is not delivering the expected results. However, experts claim you can increase its efficiency if you start implementing a simple twisted strategy: add intervals to your daily exercises. If you inject a short period of intense effort in your traditional workouts, it seems that your body will react better to these stimuli. Whether you run, swim or go biking, short cardio episodes are going to boost the metabolism, thus helping you burn more calories than you normally would.  The fitter you become the more frequent and intense these cardio intervals should be.

Jogging and running

Although some people say that running has no effect for those who want to lose weight, there are plenty of experts who contradict this hypothesis. This means that if you are one of those people whose routine includes running, you are lucky. Whether you run outdoors on the streets or you prefer to use a treadmill, at home or at the gym, the training helps burn about 600 calories per hour. In addition to this, it will enable you to strengthen your bones, muscles and connective tissue, while also improving heart pumping and getting it to a proper rate. This prevents a wide range of heart conditions, stroke and also cancer.  As you can see, besides helping you stay fit running also contributes to your overall wellbeing.


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