Wake boarding, extreme water challenge

Everybody likes a thrilling extreme sport. The rush of adrenaline that goes through your veins is what makes it worthwhile. Wake boarding is among these sports and people just can’t get enough of it. If you are not yet familiarized with what it means, then here is a bit of help.


Basic info about Wake boarding

Even though not many people are in terms with what this sport really is, wake boarding has been around for quite some time. Believe it or not, 1946 is the birth year. New Zealand and Australia are the parents of this extreme sport and today almost every water of surface can host such borders. Just to picture it, this sport is a combination of surfing, water skiing and of course snowboarding. The skills are from surfing, especially the way in which one takes on the waves. The board is similar to the ones in snowboarding and water skiing provided the boat on to which the rider is tied up.


Tony Finn, Howard Jacobs, these are important names in the evolution of this sport. They are among the first who started making appropriate boards, thus introducing water boarding to the world. Usually, the material used has to be easy and must float. That is why the core of the board is made up of foam. The binds will be attached to the board, using metal screws. What matters most for the style are the fins. Certain tricks are performed with specific fins. Being towed by a boat, the rider can jump higher. The speed is increased considerably. Also, wake boarding can be done on the surface of a lake, because the actual waves are from the boat. It is very important to choose a skillful boat captain, because there are special techniques in water boarding.


Walking on water

As pompous as it sound, this is what you have to master. Developing your balance is the key. Once you managed this, doing flips and tricks is only a matter of time. The position of your body on the board is essential. The first move you have to learn is toeside. The wake is the point towards the rider should lean, his toes sustaining his weight. Heel side is the same thing only the weight goes on to your heels. Easy, right?


Altering these moves will help you with the balance. As for the flips and turns, the boat is the coordinate. Beginners have to learn front side first, which is leaning the chest towards to boat. Once you mastered this, backside moves will come naturally. Your arms have to be straight, holding tight the handle. The position of the feet is similar as in snowboarding. The knees have to bend, but remember to keep your head high. Always look towards the boat.


In the world of wake boarding, being fit is important. It is not an easy sport, so be prepared. Forget about that fitness models diet and start including lots of protein in your plan. If you want to practice this activity regularly, you won’t be able to get all the essential nutrients from a fitness models diet. A high-protein diet builds skeletal muscle and other tissues. Because most high-protein foods are low in fiber, you must include lots of fruit and vegetables in your nutritional program. Another great advice, or better yet, a rule in wake boarding is the life jacket. Always wear one, because you will end up thrown in the water at one point, no matter how skillful you might be.

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