What happened in the world of box this week?

oxing is a famous sport, with fans all over the world. Having a number of talented players and plenty of competitions, where to show off their skills, it is about time for enthusiasts to find out what else is new. So, here are, in brief, the latest boxing news.

Quigg, the new boxing star

Ricky Hatton, a name in the boxing arena, is passing through a rough time, having to step out of the spotlight and retire, but a new star has risen, Scott Quigg. This new boxer is determined to show the world that he has the right moves and strength to be part of the boxing arena. While Hatton has managed to prove this throughout his career and filled sports halls with many viewers, Quigg has managed to surprise the world from the beginning in his match against Rendall Munroe. Round six was when Scott Quigg proved just what he is all about, as he finished his opponent impressively. Rendall ’2 Tone’ Munroe has decided to ask for a rematch and his wish came true, as it seems that the two boxers will soon meet again. All in all, Scott Quigg managed to get his hands on the WBA interim title and punters are not advised to bet against him, as this player hold a lot of surprises in his strategy.

The Klitschko brothers and Tyson Furry

It seems that the Ukrainian brothers have turned into a legend, as boxers strive to compete against Vitali or Wladimir in their plan to show the world how good they really are. The latest boxing news reveal that this happens with Tyson Furry as well, who is discussing the possibility of a match against one of the two brothers. Because Vitali is focused on politics at the moment, Furry will have to wait until elections are over, after which the famous boxer will make a decision. If the game is on, then it will probably be held in Germany, Klitschko’s favorite country, in May or April. As for Wladimir, nothing can be decided, because he leaves his older brother to make the choice. Only if Vitali decides to choose politics over boxing, then Wladimir can consider if Furry is a real option. Whether or not the English  boxer will be up for the challenge remains to be seen, but in all cases one can only respect his courage.


Rendall ’2 Tone’ Munroe retires?

After the crushing match Quigg- Munroe, a rumor has been traveling. Munroe is really considering to get out of the spotlight and start life outside the boxing arena. However, Quigg confirmed that the talk about rematch is still on. Moreover, Rendall ’2 Tone’ Munroe has not passed unnoticed by his opponent, as Quigg admits that even though round six proved to be the winning one, the overall match was not at all easy. On the other hand, Munroe admits that he was devastated by the result and the rematch, no matter how awaited it is, is still a concern for the boxer. All in all, it seems that the blow in the third round has made quite an impression on Munroe.

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