What you need to become a successful netball player


When it comes to netball, there are two categories of people – those who have never heard of this sport and those who believe it’s among the easiest to play, considering that the number of players in a team is much lower compared to classic football for instance. Well, it’s quite the opposite! Netball is more complicated that it seems, and players have to be extremely well prepared before the match starts, even though it’s about social netball games in London. Here’s what you need to master this sport and become a successful netball player.

You need stamina

And you need it a lot! Although netball implies that each team has seven on-court players, there is a lot of movement on the field, not to mention about stress. For this, you will need stamina, because you will have to sustain your physical activity during the entire game. As a result, including aerobic courses in your training program is a must, as they will help you build great stamina and endurance.

You need team spirit

Netball is a team sport. This means that you will have to communicate with your other teammates during the game if you want to win. Team spirit is crucial in sports such as netball, and if you don’t have these skills developed yet, waste no more time. There is a mutual dependence relationship between you and your team, so be more team-oriented and less self-centred if you want to lead your team to success.

You need to be fast

Having fast reaction time is the secret to succeed in netball. As it was earlier mentioned, the number of players in each team is of only seven. This means that everything happens at high speed on the field and you need to be prepared to respond quickly at any moment during the game. Don’t focus only on your movements and the ones of your teammates, but keep an eye on your opponents too. You need to be able to “read” their intentions and to act fast.

You need to be confident on yourself

Having great self-confidence level is essential in sports such as netball. There is no room for hesitation, as everyone in your team depends on you. Being confident in your actions will actually make players from the opposite team to feel weaker, which will turn the game to your advantage.

If you want to be a netball player, consider working on these skills.

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