Why it’s important for athletes to know CPR

Athletes make great efforts every day. They train regularly and they submit their bodies to a lot of pressure and work, sometimes leading to exhaustion. However, athletes are very resistant and they know how to take care of their bodies and their health, which helps the training process significantly and improves performance. However, they are only human and their bodies are prone to health emergencies as well, which is why it is important for them to know CPR or how to provide first aid. Athletes usually train together and they exercise in groups, so if something were to happen, a medical emergency, then it is essential for at least one person in the group to know CPR. There are plenty of first aid and CPR training Ottawa centres that offer various courses in the field, from standard to advanced emergency medical responder curses, as well as different types of certifications.


Most of the first aid and CPR training Ottawa courses will teach an individual how to respond to emergencies and the 3 key principles in first aid, Check, Call and Care, as well as how to deal with airway emergencies, which can oftentimes be the case with athletes, because a lot of strain is put on their breathing system. In addition to breathing emergencies, these courses also teach people how to deal with circulation emergencies, another problem that has high chances of occurring to athletes, so as you can see there are several aspects in which athletes knowing CPR and learning first aid might help. Other things that one learns from these courses include providing first aid for bone, muscle and joint injuries, again issues with high frequencies in the life of an athlete. Attending these courses is not all that time-consuming and the benefits that come along far exceed the effort that it takes to attend the classes and learn what needs to be learnt and get the certification. Most certifications are valid for 3 years and recognized in many places, so athletes only need to take short recertification sessions every 3 years.


All things taken into account, first aid and CPR training Ottawa classes can be highly beneficial for athletes, teaching them how to respond to emergencies, even if they’re sudden and environmental, how to deal with respiratory and cardiac arrest, how to care for wounds and bone, muscle or joint injuries, as well as head and spine injuries, all of which can prove greatly helpful to an athlete and his or her colleagues and fellow athletes. As mentioned above, there are several training centres that offer these courses and you can find plenty of information online with regards to which one is closest to you and what kind of courses they all provide and so on. The more information you get beforehand, the better decision you’ll be able to make and you will benefit from certified courses and highly helpful classes.

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