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Oulala attracts the imagination games with a playful appeal and attractive graphics, but behind the surface there is enough content to impress us at Basically, it's a classic Daily Fantasy Sports site, and offers a European platform with British license which makes it possible to play tax-free daily fantasy sports for players. However, there are some parameters that make Oulala quite unique as an organizer; The matches have a total of 70 different criteria for points, which crush most competitors at that point. Furthermore, almost all focus is on challenges and own leagues, instead of a large standardized range.

Oulala offers leagues and head-to-head deals, and play money and real money can be played. Oulala is also especially so wide enough to initially focus on own leagues. So far, the site has just begun softly, and therefore the supply has been sparse for so long. It should be borne in mind that the site has only been open in Great Britain since October 2015. Sports has so far only football in the portfolio, but you have the three really big leagues in England, Italy and Spain, and then Oulala has a French resident There is also the French league.

Oulala's offer may at first glance feel poor today, but the site sells itself to the focus with lots of statistics and player information, and is the most skill-based DFS player. Not on a wide range. Here, you fight with friends about who can do the best football, not against unknown opponents to "turn in" a result. Oulala uses an external partner, OPTA, to collect data from the current matches, and then transforms the statistics into their own points. The site has a very comprehensive scoring system, with a clear list of what is rewarded and how much, broken down by position. About 70 different things are scoring (or scoring), which would make Oulala's scoring system one of the most advanced on the market today.

Technically, it's neat and easy-navigated with a classic graphic draft where the players are illustrated by team shirts and with the value below. It's easy to sort by position, league and club, and you can also search for free by name. The page is English-language, but it's easy to click on other information, and you've really chosen to stick to few menu items and short texts. There is a great blog where you can read about everything that happens specifically on Oulala to how Gerrard's move affects Liverpool in statistical terms.

That has its own forum linked to its site is a big plus. Here is the opportunity to interact with other players on the site, and it creates and a nice community feeling. So far, the drag is moderate, but when the player base grows, the activity also learns to do it. The forum has the potential to create added value for especially amateur players. The cashier only works with VISA and MasterCard, but it is clearly set up and provides a serious approach. Support is reached through live chat or email form.

A team in Oulala consists of up to 17 players. Eleven regular players and 17 substitutes. It's fun that you can choose the option of playing 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or the like. There are seven options available for playing. The substitutes can hold any position, and be taken in turn if your other players do not get started. The 11 regular places must be filled up, but the bench is completely voluntary. The budget is 100 million. Something special with Oulala is that the rating of players is subjectively set by the site itself, and varies over the season.

In connection with the new investment, two new employees are also appointed. Oliver Niner was former Business Development Manager at Marathonbet, but now becomes Business Development Director at Oulala. Anthony Medica was previously associated with the Summit of iGaming Malta (SIGMA), but now becomes the company's new Sales Director. 2016 has been a very successful year for Oulala. After winning the 'Data and Business Intelligence 2016 Idol of the Year' award at the iGaming Idol Awards, the award was also awarded 'Best Fantasy Sports Product' at the SBC Awards ceremony.

Over the next 12 months, Oulala plans to expand its network of iGaming operators, that is, casinos and bookmakers. One will announce new partnerships in the first quarter of 2017. We are very confident that DFS will show stable growth in the next year. 2017 will be Oulala's year, "Carlotti said in an interview just before the turn of the year. It remains to be seen, but we have good reasons to take the founder of the company and the fantasy football's arrival is an exciting development in the gaming industry.

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