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Betting wrestling means investing in something that will bets or something sports that has bets win the result. Spel may organize betting on sports games, ATG organizes betting on horses in Sports there are several different types of sports games. You can bet on which team will win a match, or tip which matches will be most goal-oriented. Football is the most common sport, but it is possible to play on virtually all sports. Examples of sports games odds can be described as the ratio between win and bet. A higher odds give higher profit, but the likelihood of winning is lower. Odds are calculated by mathematical formula. There are two types of odds.

The first is called wins traditional odds, such as or bets. This means that you get four kronor back per krona plus the bet. The other type is decimal form. The odds 2.2 mean that you win 2.2 times the bet. Odds are given either as permanent or on-going. Fixed odds mean bets wins of how likely a particular result is. Running odds change depending on how many players play on a particular option. The Steam gaming platform stops online browsing through its user accounts. Steam finally takes into account the problem of minors online betting on matches. This is something I've written about a lot about earlier, both here and here . I have also interviewed the Chief Justice at the Lottery Inspectorate about the problem.

Steam now says that they do not want anything to do with the dubious companies who rely on them, and they stand apart from betting sites like CSGO Lounge, which earns big money on betting among minors. Steam also explains on his site how the betting sites do to use Steam accounts to sign in for betting. Steam says they never had business partnerships with these betting sites and did not receive any money from them. Now, Steam promises to put an end to Opportunity Opportunities through its Tribal Account in the future. Thank you Steam, from me and certainly a lot of other parents with children who lost big sums of money on these sites. Better late than never. The Steam game platform does not make enough to ensure that age limits for online betting are followed. The problem with children losing money on online betting is growing.

"I do not understand how Steam thinks when they choose to associate with the gaming companies in this way," says Lotteri Inspectorate Johan Röhr. I've sneaked a bit into this because children lose big money on betting on Counter-Strike games online in a few posts earlier, like here or here I tell how my own son lost money . Some time ago, I called and talked to the lottery commissioner, Johan Röhr . I was obviously not the first to hear from me. "It's starting to matter to us about this. I can be a little afraid that this is just the beginning. There may be more and more games on these youth events in the future, he believes.

Legislation is not followed Johan Röhr begins to clarify what the Lottery Inspectorate is responsible for. E-sport itself does not belong in the lottery legislation. "And questions about buying, selling and exchanging weapons and skins are more questions for the Consumer Agency. But when you hold on to matches, then it's old regular bets that fall under regular betting , he explains. There shall be applicable legislation. Legislation that states that children under the age of 18 can not play money. But obviously they do. Johan Röhr believes that the gaming platform Steam and the buy / change / betting site eliminate the responsibility for bets of minors betting on CS matches.

I'm afraid that these companies are tightly tied to each other. Steam trusts to tell them the right age, and then CSGOLounge trusts that it is correct. Both companies also benefit from not checking the age of their customers more closely. Steam and the betting company share the profits. Tell Steam to get 15 percent in revenue sharing. They see a good chance of making money, says Johan Röhr. Therefore, the children lie for betting at lounge, you must first log in with their account information from Steam, the world's largest online gaming platform and developed by the game company Valve Corporation.

They offer a whole host of very popular online games played primarily by children and young people. To register, you must state that you are over 13 years old. Some of the games also have higher age limits. To play them, you need to state that you are even older. Thus, many children lie about their age when they sign up for gaming. And have you previously lied about your age when you signed up for Steam, then no further questions about your age will be asked when you sign in with the same information on the popular lounge trading and betting site. At lounge, betting on matches takes place in counter strike. Several foreign gaming companies also offer betting on a variety of games in e-sports.

The companies are located abroad, mainly in Malta, sometimes in Ireland. A number of gaming companies like Bet, Expect, Bet offer the opportunity to betting on sports, which has a very young audience. The supervisory responsibility lies with the country where the company is located. Often Malta. They do not look further if a person has already stated that they are over 18 years old. The Lottery Inspectorate can not do anything, even though children in Sweden play with these betting companies. We do not access this through the normal channels.These companies have to comply with legislation where they are. They then cooperate with companies that follow the rules in another country. You only go to X, who can sit on Costa Rica. And what rules are there? Yes, none at all, says Johan Röhr stated.

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